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Using Vehicle alternator as power supply

Started by the lost wondered, September 20, 2020, 10:40:52 PM

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the lost wondered

I am looking at building a mobile 6000 LED wall for a parade.  I was planning on using 5v LED strips because power injection would not be hard to do in such a compact space and power generation would be from a small generator.  Power consumption is important because it as to be mobile.  I had not considered using 12v because of this but then thought that using the vehicles alternator might be a very simple solution.  I know that the LEDS can controller can handle the 14ish volts that the alternator puts out.  Assuming I upgrade the alternator to a 220amp version,  What problems am i not considering?  I hate to go this route and realize i completely missed the boat and then have a high power drawn and end up using a generator anyway.  Any Help with problems i have not thought of is appreciated!


Not all pixels can handle the "14ish volts".  There are many that don't like a full 12 volts. (Also consider the controllers you will be using.) We end up setting the power supplies to ~11.9.  Since you said you were going to use 5 volts, a good buck converter will take the variable voltage in and give you a clean and steady voltage out.  You may have to use several with that many pixels, but hopefully you get the idea. 

BTW - Sounds like fun!
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