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Light Elf Version .10 (LSP conversion tool)

Started by Frankr, July 26, 2013, 01:16:53 AM

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Hello all,

Key new feature that is totally un tested 8)  Light elf will now output a Falcon Pi PLayer format sequence.  I do not have a Pi Player yet so this is only minimally tested.

As many of you know I have been working on my own custom LSP export tool.  This tool is intended to export sequences created with LSP 2.5 to xLights and Conductor file formats.  In addition it can also be used to combine a set of smaller sequences into one larger sequence.  This particular use case can be very handy if you are using very high channel count shows.  Some users have reported issues with LSP running out of memory when working with many thousands of channels and video transitions.  Some of us work around this by breaking a song up into 20 second segments and then exporting each segment and recombining those segments into one final sequence to display.  As you can imagine that was a long and tedious process. 

I created the Light Elf to make that particular workflow easier to perform and potentially help anyone that wants to use xLights or the Conductor to run their show.

How to use:

First the Pre reqs:
!!!IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you are consistent with what version of the below libraries you download.  Python and wxPython must both be compiled for the same word length, be it 32bit or 64bit.

Install python 2.7:  --Don't use anything later than 2.7.x
Install wxPython: (Direct Download)

Install xLights and define your xlights network layout :

Download light elf files from:

launch a command line prompt in the directory where you place the files from the above light-elf link. (shortcut: in windows 7 hold the left shift key and right click on the directory. select "open command window here" from the resulting menu)

issue the command:
C:\python27\python.exe "light elf"

under sequences menu chose add sequences.
add the sequences you want to convert (If you plan to combine only add the files you want to combine, make sure they are in alphabetic order)
under options you can pick individual sequence conversion (each file becomes its own file) or combine (all are made into one file)
when all the sequences are converted you can go to file-> export.

You will be prompted to specify which file formats you want to have generated for you.

Under Options->settings you can specify a non default directory for where Xlights holds the information specific to your comupter.  You can also specify a directory used for the storing the extracted versions of your LSP sequences.  This can make it easier to cleanup the excess files created from extracting the LSP sequences.

If you are in combine mode you should get a pop up to select the media file you want to use.
If you select combine it should be the selected option when you restart the app.

The app will spawn sub processes 1 per cpu core you have in your system.  Each process will convert one sequence to use as much processing power as possible.

There you go.  I hope that people find this tool useful.

Best Regards,


David Pitts

PixelController, LLC


Light Elf has been updated based on testing feedback from David.  Timing accuracy is now better and the falcon output is now correct.

If you have already gotten light elf to work all you need to do is download the updated files from:



I tried your trick of making shorter (20 second) LSP sequences to deal with long video transitions and a very high channel count e1.31 pixel matrix. I saved 12 LSP files that all work fine (in LSP) individually, and tried combining them in Light Elf. All of the files process and analyze in light elf without error, and the elf does produce xlights and falcon output files.

The falcon files do not play properly, however. They seem to get stuck very early on, maybe 5-10 seconds in. Trying to preview the combined xlights files from within xlights gives an error "Unable to read all event data from [file path / name]"

Strangely though, when I convert the LSP sequences to xlights or falcon files individually (not combining them) each one works fine on its own.

I'm running light elf 1.0.1, LSP 2.8, Windows 7 64 bit with 20 GB ram. I downloaded the 64 bit python and wxPython binaries.

Any suggestions?



Which piece of software should I be looking at for the log.txt file? I don't see such a file in the elf temp directory or in the sequence output folder. I'm not sure where I should be looking.


Try the folder you launched the script from.



No such file in my light elf folder. I launch it exactly as you say to in your tutorial, shift right-click the folder and issue the command, so if it's generating one I'd guess it'd be there. Is it supposed to be logging every time, or just on errors?


I just tried combining the sequences again to make sure that i hadn't accidentally deleted the log file. No log file was created in the directory of the "light elf" file, nor anywhere else that I can find. A full search of my system didn't find anything either.


Ok I found the bug for combining sequences to xLights but I am not sure what the falcon issue you are seeing is.  You should check your FPP logs and see if your skipping frames. You could have a bad USB stick or if your USB stick is on a USB hub that may also cause issues (I had the same behavior you described last year when my USB drive was on a hub, moved it to the pi itself and everything was fine)


Support FPP

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