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Basic Troubleshooting F16V2 Dumb Differential Receiver?

Started by McAllister, November 24, 2020, 07:51:22 PM

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I'm having difficulty with F16V2R and F16V3 expansion/receiver troubleshooting.  I'm afraid that somehow something is fried and I'm now afraid to connect much else to troubleshoot in hope of not causing other problems.  At one point I had the F16V3 board with the differential expansion connected by ribbon cable, then cat5 going to receiver boards that worked.  During that lighting season something happened - call it Gremlins?  Then it stopped working that way.  I rethought the setup and "made it work" by connecting directly to unused ports on the F16V3 for the rest of that season.  Then the next year I didn't do a show, then I moved across the country!

Now I'm trying to do a quick "last-minute" basic setup at my new home, just to spread a little cheer.  Really nothing fancy.  The intent is 1) test a basic setup so I can get started planning a real show for next year and 2) have basic lights and not be in the dark again.

Can anyone who understands this better than me please help me figure out some basic troubleshooting to see where the problem is?  Below is a list of items I have.  I've already tried using different receivers as well as trying to use the DMX1 (Pixel Data) port.  I haven't tried to connect the Differential Expansion to the F16V2R yet, because if it's fried I don't want to fry another Falcon...

  • F16V3 v1.00 Pixel Controller (FW2.00) (white board)
  • F16V2/F16V3 Differential Expansion Board w/ribbon cable (white board stamped F16 Differential Expansion v2.0)
  • 4-String Differential Receiver Board (x2) (white board stamped F4 Differential Receiver v1.0)
  • F16V2-R v1.05 Pixel Controller (FW1.07) (red board)

Setups Tried
F16V3 - Ribbon cable - Expansion Board - Cat5 - Receiver (both LEDs light on the boards, no fuses blown, no pixel test color wash)
F16V3 - Other ribbon cable port - expansion board - Different Cat5 - Receiver (both LEDs light on the boards, no fuses blown, no pixel test color wash)
F16V3 - DMX1 - Cat5 - Receiver (nothing happens)
F16V3 - pixels to board - color wash works so I know it's not my string of lights

I can't figure it out - like I said it worked until it didn't.  Now I can't get it to work.  I can't say it's the expansion board because when I bypass that and hook the receiver up to the DMX by Cat5 that doesn't work either.

I'd say my next step is to connect to the F16V2 Controller, but like I said, I'm afraid that the gremlins will go over and fry that board......

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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