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Getting started....Falcon Differential Receivers with no controller?

Started by matthew.moses, December 31, 2020, 09:58:45 AM

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Hi all -

I've been thinking of starting a Christmas lights display for a couple years now it seems and I think this year I'm going to finally pull the trigger and get a small display ready for the end of 2021. I need to start small due to budget constraints but want to set myself up for future expansion. I have been looking at the Falcon Differential Controller and really feel like that lays a good foundation for me. I'm not ready to purchase the Falcon Differential Controller so was wondering if you know of any way that I can get started with the Differential Receivers my first year (even if its kind of a hacky solution) and then I can move to the Falcon Differential Controller my second or third year. I'm wondering if there is anyway I can achieve this with running the receivers from my computer or from a Raspberry Pi. Is there anyone to simulate the Falcon Differential Controller my first year? Or is that just not feasible.

Many thanks!


Quote from: matthew.moses on December 31, 2020, 09:58:45 AMIs there anyone to simulate the Falcon Differential Controller my first year? Or is that just not feasible.
Its not impossible, but generally not feasible.  The receivers have virtually no smarts.  All the brains are in the main controller board, so you need some form of main controller to be the "sender" of pixel data to the "receiver". 

However, if the F48 is too big for your needs, you might want to look at the Kulp K40 ( which can feed up to 10 receivers in a smaller form factor and about half the cost (although  you need to add a USB network adapter of your choice).  There is also the Kulp K8 which has 8 local string ports, plus 3 ports for 3 Differential receivers with the ability to expand that to 4 more (7 total) receivers by adding an expansion board.  That gives you a nice mix of local and differential with future expansion capability.

Lots of good choices depending on your goals


Hey! Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas. The K40D-PB does seem like a really good option to get me going. I really appreciate it! Thanks again!

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