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Problem with python script to generate xtiming lyric track

Started by Nburlarley, August 18, 2021, 01:16:36 PM

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I found this piece of python code from this website here: auto-lyrics · PyPI . What it basically does is take a JSON file with a timing track, and converts it into a XTIMING file to import into xlights. To get the JSON file, it takes you to this website: AutoLyrixAlign ( , and has you upload a mp3 file, then all the lyrics that goes with it. It then loads for about 2 - 5 minutes, then gives you a JSON file with all the lyrics perfectly aligned. I think there was like only 5 words out of a 4 and a half minute song that weren't right. So what the python code does is converts the JSON file into a XTIMING file so you can import it into xlights to have a full lyric track. So first it says to open the command line, and run this code: 

pip install auto-lyrics

So I did and it surprisingly installed it. Then it says run this code: 

Lyrics - t "(name for output file here)" (directory to json file) (name for xtiming file).xtiming

So when I fill in the blank it looks like this for me:

lyrics -t "Christmas-wrapping-timing" C:\Users\Nicholas\Downloads\lyrix_1108627773.txt twXmasWrapping.xtiming

So I ran that and it gave me some output code (you can see it here), but then after that, it gave me this error code and did nothing. I have no idea what it means and I'm a noob when it comes to python. If someone familiar with python could help, that would be great. I'm really behind on sequencing, and I thought doing auto lyrics for my singing faces will save days or even weeks of programming. Thanks in advanced.

Here is the website with the instructions: auto-lyrics · PyPI

Here is the actual python code: 

from typing import List
import click
import json
from json import JSONEncoder
from jinja2 import Environment, FileSystemLoader
class InvalidTimingException(Exception):
    """Raised when an Lyric start time occurs before its end time."""
class Timing:
    def __init__(self, track_title, raw_timings):
        wordlist = []
        toplevel = []
        for sublist in raw_timings:
            if not sublist:
            for item in sublist:
        self.title = track_title
        self.effect_layers = [toplevel, wordlist]
    def __repr__(self):
        return f"Timing(title={self.title}, effect_layers={self.effect_layers})"
    def build_template(self):
        file_loader = FileSystemLoader('templates')
        env = Environment(loader=file_loader)
        template = env.get_template('xtiming.jinja')
        return template.render(data=self)
    def reprJSON(self):
        return dict(ttle=self.title, effect_layers=self.effect_layers)
class Lyric:
    def __init__(self, start, end, text):
        self.word = text
        starttime = self._to_millis(start)
        endtime = self._to_millis(end)
        self.starttime = starttime
        if starttime <= endtime:
            self.endtime = endtime
            raise InvalidTimingException("Expected a start time to occur before the end time")
    def _to_millis(self, timing):
        if isinstance(timing, str):
                return round(float(timing) * 1000)
            except Exception as e:
                print("Something bad happened")
            raise TypeError(f"Expected float as a string, got {type(timing)}")
    def from_json(cls, data):
        return cls(**data)
    def from_raw_list(cls, data: List):
        start = data
  • ['start']
        end = data[len(data)-1]['end']
        words = " ".join(list(map(lambda w: w['text'], data)))
        return cls(start, end, words)
    def reprJSON(self):
        return dict(starttime=self.starttime, endtime=self.endtime, word=self.word)
    def __repr__(self):
        return f"Lyric(start={self.starttime}, end={self.endtime}, word={self.word})"
class TimingEncoder(JSONEncoder):
    def default(self, object):
        if hasattr(object, "reprJSON"):
            return object.reprJSON()
            return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, object)
@click.argument("input", type=click.File("rb"))
@click.argument("output", type=click.File("wb"))
@click.option("-t", "--title", default="Xlights Auto Lyrics", help="Name of the music track")
def cli(input, output, title):
    """This command takes in a Json file from & produces an xtimng file
    Example using this function:
    lyrics -t "Merry Chrstmas Everybody" slade_timing.txt slade.xtiming
    while True:
        raw =
        if not raw:
        tm = Timing(title, json.loads(raw))
        text = tm.build_template()
        bytes = text.encode()
if __name__ == '__main__':


I spotted this thread earlier and had a look at the site and posted it around a bit.
Long story short Phil Littlewood created a notepad++ macro to do the conversion and put up a video explaining the process. He has also linked to the macro from the youtube page.


Thanks, that video really helped. I'm gonna go try it, hopefully it works!


I did what the video said and had everything work all the way up until notepad ++. When I put in the macro code for it to create the "create lyrics" button, and save and restart the program, the button doesn't show up. So I left a comment on his video asking what I did wrong, so hopefully he'll respond and I can fix that.


Can you attach your shortcuts.xml file or a screen shot of the file. If you missed just one of the characters it will not show up.
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