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equipment power on order

Started by bnldude, November 06, 2021, 08:53:45 PM

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I am interested in knowing the correct order of powering on and off equipment or at least the methods others use to power up various controllers, power supplies and additional supplies for power injection.

My equipment includes, Raspberry Pi (FPP) connected to a Falcon controller and then to an LOR AC controller as well as separate power supplies for power injection.

I know some leave equipment powered throughout the show season and I may do that but during testing and setup I would like use the best possible practice.


I would leave the Pi powered up or at a minimum, power it up first.  The rest of it really doesn't matter as long as it is all powered up prior to starting the show.  I power down every night except for the Pi and when I do, it's stop the show, power down the nodes, then power down the controllers.  I use LE's where you use LOR AC controllers and I power them down with the nodes.  The Pi that I am using as the master never shuts down and runs my landscape lights for the rest of the night after the show ends as it runs the landscape lights all year.


As Tbone said, only the Pi matters.  Best to do a "proper" shutdown on that before powering it off.

I leave everything running from the time it is set up until it is powered down in January.
Using LOR (mostly SuperStar) for all sequencing - using FPP only to drive P5 and P10 panels.
My show website:



Thanks for the input, just what I was looking for.


My plan is to power on the powersupplies, then the controllers, then the show player.  If you want to shut everything down, I would proper shutdown of the player, then the controllers, then the extra power supplies.  Kind of reverse from power up.  Just how I would do it.
--Ron A.

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