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max distance from f16 to first pixel

Started by rickswa, November 20, 2021, 09:36:33 AM

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I moved and had to redo my display this year.  I'm using a F16v3 with 2 expansions and 12V WS2811 from Ray Wu with 3 core wire (from Ray) from controller to pixels.  One of my lengths will have to go from the F16 and run 25' to an 84 pixel section on the roofline. I was told this 25' will be too long and they will not work properly.  I have seen some posts where people run 25' with no issues.  Will I be okay running 25' from controller to first pixel or should I use a null pixel or I could also power inject into the end of that 84 node run.  Just trying to determine the best solution.  I maxed out the expansion/distro boards in other areas so I only have the option of the 25' run from the f16 to the first pixel in that area.  Thanks for any input!


You should have no problem at all running 25ft from the controller to the first pixel.  Just make sure that you use a high quality cable of at least 18 gauge to prevent voltage drop in the lead line and you should be good to go.


I agree that 25 feet should likely not be a problem with WS2511 pixels.  Different pixels do have different requirements..
My standard recommendation is to test it with the configuration you want to use - with one exception.  For the test use about 25% longer wire length than you will use in actual life.
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My cables to the "Tune To" signs and some trees are over 60ft long with no issues.   Mileage will vary depending on several factors.  There are f-amps available that you can use to boost the data signal if you have issues.   I bought a whole box of f-amps to have just in case and have not used a single one.   

12v is way more forgiving than 5v.  My goal is to keep it under 25ft from the box, but I will push it if it makes sense.   It almost always works out.


Try it before you put anything on the roof.  Like the others I suspect it should be fine, but best to know for sure before you have to make multiple trips up to the roof.  Be sure to use the actual pixels and the actual wire for your test.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


Thank you for all the great replies. This helps a ton and I can finally settle my nerves a bit since it's one of those last minute issues.  Funny how even when you measure things all out in advance, there's always the "oh I forgot about that little jog" part issues. Your replies and time are sincerely appreciated.

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