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FPP MultiSync between two BeagleBoards using wifi tethering

Started by fauxton, February 24, 2022, 11:50:51 AM

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Hello I am trying to do something that I believe is specifically not currently possible.  Attempting to sync two BeagleBone wireless systems with no external wireless network using the wifi tethering capability.

I have one Beaglebone wireless set up as player, with tethering enabled on WLAN0

I have another Beaglebone wireless set up as remote, connected to the tether SSID from the first.

They can't see eachother in the MultiSync menu.  If I connect to the network on my PI400, I can browse to either config page no problem (in my case and

If I add a third BeagleBoard and connect it to the SSID from the tethering board, the two connected boards can see eachother in MultiSync but there is no path to the "host"

Is there some kind of limitation with the tether network?  I assume it's really only to get at config pages from a laptop or phone.
I am building pixel interface capes for BBB -


Dan can probably chime in with more info, but it may be that the multicast isn't making it over the tether.

If you want to test unicast discovery, go to the settings page on the WiFi client system, click the Settings button at the bottom of the page.  Find the "MultiSync Unicast Discovery IPs (CSV list)" setting and add the IP to that box.  Restart fppd on that system and check the MultiSync page on each system again and see if they see each other.  If only one sees the other, then go to the WiFi tether-enabled system and do the same thing but add the IP.


I'm getting lost on which settings page you're talking about, I looked through all of the pages I thought it could be on but came up with nothing.  I feel like one time there was an option to make advanced settings available, but I don't see that either


scratch that, I found it.  trying now
I am building pixel interface capes for BBB -


Ok, I found the unicast discovery IP list by changing the UI to advanced mode.  By adding the IP of the player into the list on the remote, the remote begins receiving multicast sync from the player and works correctly.  However, I don't know if it's supposed to pick up from forcibly adding the discovery IP, but the player never populates into the list on the remote.  Note that the multisync list on the player is completely empty and doesn't even have the local device.

I don't know how much it matters since it is accomplishing the job, but I guess I can't set the sync to unicast since the remote is not coming up in the list.

Adding the IP of the remote into the player's unicast discovery list seems to do nothing.

I recognize that this is a strange thing to link controllers like this, but it's certainly handy when it works
I am building pixel interface capes for BBB -

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