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Help: K32A-B to LOR and AC lights

Started by sgmaitland, March 07, 2022, 05:25:21 PM

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I have a K32A-B Beaglebone Controller Cap with a Beaglebone Black Rev C.  The first of three LOR controllers (#1) is connected to one  RS485.  The others (#2 & #3) are daisy chained for a total of 48 LOR Channels. I will be running from the FPP without a computer.  All of the Pixels are connected to the Ports.

I'm not sure I have the LOR controllers or AC lights configured correctly in xLights.  I also don't think I have the AC lights in correctly.  I can't seem to use the AC tool panel to program them.

Thanks for the help,
The House On Adelaide St.

2000 Pixel Mega Tree
100 Pixels in a line on a sleigh
40ish pixels in blow mold soldiers

16 channels ac for two ac trees & a Fan
32 Channels other blow molds etc.

LOR set up 
(Except for unique elements, same setup for all three.)

Name: LOR 01
Description: CTB
ID: 1
Auto Layout Models: Yes
Active: Active
Vendor: LOR
Model: CTB16PC
Suppress Duplicate Frames: Off
Port: \\.\COM 10
Protocol: LOR Optimized
Speed: 250000
Models: Apple Tree, Corner Tree, etc
Devices: 1
Device Type: AC Controller
Channels: 16
Unit ID: 1
Address Mode: Normal
Description: Blank

Sample AC device
Name: Apple Tree
#lights: 200
Strings: 1
Starting Location: Green Square
Drop Pattern: 1
Alternate Drop Nodes: Off
Height: 1
Individual Segments: Blank
Controller: Use Start Channel
Indiv Start Chans: Unchecked
Start Channel: !LOR 01:10
Shadow Model For: Blank
Description: Blank
Preview: Default
Strand/Node Names: --Click To Edit--
Faces: --Click To Edit--
Dimming Curves: --Click To Edit--
States: --Click To Edit--
SubModels: --Click To Edit--
Controller Connections
Port: 0
Protocol: LOR Optimised
String Properties
String Type: Single Color
Color: Red
RGBW Color Handling: R=G=B - > W
Active: Checked
Pixel Size: 2
Pixel Style: Smooth
Transparency: 0
Black Transparency: 0
Tag Color: Black


It looks like you added a serial controller to xlights and assigned the model to that controller.  This would work if you had the LOR dongle attached to your xlights PC and it was identified as com10.  If you are connecting to the k32 as you described, you should NOT have a lor controller identified.  You would use the visualize on the controller tab for the k32 and add the ac props to the serial port at the end of the list that you attached to.  serial 1 or serial 2 depending on which you attached to.
--Ron A.


Thanks for the info.  The Visualize button isn't active.  Is there something else I need to fix?You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.


Yes... you need to set the Vendor (and then variant) for the controller so that the visualizer knows how it's supposed to visualize it.
Daniel Kulp -

Support FPP

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