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F16v4 Temperature Sensor Erratic Reading

Started by ldlammers, September 03, 2022, 04:38:45 AM

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I am seeing erratic Processor and Temp2 temperature readings on one of my 5 F16v4 Controllers.  With the enclosure door open so there is no place for heat buildup, readings bounce from -9.7 degrees to >80 degrees, with Processor High Temp warnings.  Seeing these temp readings bounce several times/minute, so I know they cannot reflect reality.  Is this false reading potentially going to shut down the controller during a show?


Most of my controllers are v3, but I do have a couple of v4's.  My V4 temp fluctuates a few degrees, but never all over the place.  Are you seeing these readings from the main management admin page, or somewhere else?

Pretty tough to predict how a device that is not working correctly is going to react down the road.  Have you upgraded to the latest firmware?

I have not seen anyone else mention this in the forum.  There was an update to disable temp monitoring in the last firmware.  Seems odd they would offer that feature and maybe there are issues that this resolves.  I would probably reach out to Falcon support and see what David has to say about it.  Worse case, it looks like you can turn off temp monitoring completely, which would keep it from interfering.  (at least until it really did over heat :o )

Build 21 : 2022-08-22
- Fix : Audio only and pause playlist steps not showing duration on status page
- Fix : Can't save more than 5 schedules
- Fix : Advanced tab shows when it shouldnt when connected via wifi
- Fix : Tighten up clock driving for clocked pixels
- Fix : Add an advanced option to disable temperature monitoring (contact us if you want to use this)


Seems like I have been reading about unreliable temp sensors on F16s for years, and years.  I would not be concerned about it.  I have 7 F16sv2/3/4 and I never even bother to look at the temp.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


I agree with Jim, it probably is not a big deal, but I don't think I would ignore it either.  The newest firmware reduces light power percentages and other things on overheat.  Even if your board was working perfectly otherwise, it could still cause you display issues.  If nothing else you may want to disable the monitoring. 

Support FPP

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