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X-Lights issue distrubuting MegaTree strings over multiple Falcon port types.

Started by JonD, September 17, 2022, 08:14:33 PM

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Upgrading from a 16 stand to 32 strand MegaTree this year.  Thought I could just double the string count, but it doesn't appear to like the switch to Smart Receivers at String 17.  Anybody know how to tell Xlights to use normal ports for the first 16 ports and Smart Receivers for the remaining?

My configuration is as follows.

MegaTree Physical Strings 1-16 - Falcon F16v4 Original 16 Ports
MegaTree Physical Strings 17-28 - Falcon Expansion Output A (12ports 17a-20c)
MegaTree Physical Strings 29-32 - Falcon Expansion Output B (4ports 21a-24a)


Don't forget to tell your controller that you are using an expansion board.
xLights needs to know as well.  Check the "controller" tab under variants.
Sequencers: Vixen3 and xLights
Players: FPP and xSchedule Controllers:  Renards - SS24/SS16; E1.31 - San Devices E682 - Falcon F16, F4, F48 - J1Sys - DIYLEDExpress E1.31 Bridges.  Much more!


Quote from: algerdes on September 17, 2022, 09:30:56 PMDon't forget to tell your controller that you are using an expansion board.
xLights needs to know as well.  Check the "controller" tab under variants.
That is certainly something I would do, but I think the controllers are setup correctly, and the controller light test is good.  I have other props that use multiple ports such as my window matrices, but everything else is right next to each other, and uses similar ports numbers.  This is the only prop I have that needs 32 ports and is spread over multiple boxes.  It seems like I have watched a video in the past that you can basically setup two megatrees and merge them together somehow, but it did not apply to me at the time, and I don't recall what they called it. 

Worse case I could just place the Smart Receivers in normal/native mode, which would assign native ports 1-32 to the tree, and possibly use the onboard RCVR1 port to feed the star.  That would be a lot patch cords between the boxes, which would not be my first choice.


I was able to resolve the issue.  I ended up deleting the megatree individual channels to try a few things, and when I added them back, everything started working.  As far as I can tell they are configured how they were prior.  Never look a gift horse in the mouth I guess.


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