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Noob: Can't get F16v4 to Output Any Lights

Started by Oxytousc, November 13, 2022, 06:50:20 PM

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Alright, I'm brand new to this. Just got my F16v4. I have it in ZCPP. It's showing in XLights. I define a layout for a single string, just to test it. It's a 150 node WS2815 strip (I've tied the backup and data lines together on the first pixel.) It's showing packets moving to the controller, but I get zero lights lighting up. I swapped in a 50 node WS2811 string and I get the same. I'm certain I'm doing something wrong. Help!

San Gabriel, CA


If to err is human, I am more human than most people.


I thought I did. It was my understanding that ZCPP would auto configure it. Maybe I'm wrong and should be using E131?

I've got a Kulp K4 and I was able to get that to output just fine. 
San Gabriel, CA


If you have it setup correctly in x-Lights, the Falcon should auto-configure as well.  There are cases it makes sense to use E131, but if you don't have a case, then it would be better to let x-Lights handle it.


That's what I figured, but given that it isn't outputting I'm guessing it might be one of those cases. I"m going to try to clear it all out and see what I get starting fresh.
San Gabriel, CA


Quote from: Oxytousc on November 14, 2022, 08:08:23 AMgiven that it isn't outputting I'm guessing it might be one of those cases.
I have several of those E1.31 cases and still use E1.31, so will not be much help to you with the auto-configure option, but did notice you did not specify your Falcon model number on your controller settings.  That most likely will need to be set, a long with all the correct expansions options defined, which could be the issue.


I was able to get it with ZCPP. Turns out part of the problem was I'd popped a couple fuses--my own stupid for letting a couple pig tails arc. And I need to just reinitalize and set things up.
San Gabriel, CA

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