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Issues with Smart Reciever V2.01 and F16V4

Started by djwinsch, November 15, 2022, 10:24:51 AM

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I Setup my  Smart Reciever as in th chain as A and with the switchs off but when I setup it up in the Controllers Firmware would not save it as a Smart Recievire in the output Settings.  I want to know what do I need to do to make it save it?


Settings on the Smart Receiver do not impact the controllers firmware.  You should be able to make the changes on the controller, even if you did not own a smart receiver.  There is save button at the top of the screen.  You need to click on the save button, otherwise your changes will not saved.


I do have a smart reciever V2.01 so  my problem is when I click on the blue plus to convert  the 4 reciever  ports as smart reseciever ports but when I push the save botton it will not save the convertion.


My guess is you are trying to save some impossible situation.  Can you post a screen capture of what you see just before the save.
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My guess would be the same as @k6ccc.  You are probably trying to do something that it does not like, and will not let you save it.  Is anything showing as red?  Usually if it does not like something, it will tell you what it does not like.

Aaron Maue

I'm having the same issue.  When I click the blue plus sign, it converts the receiver to a smart receiver (smart receiver 17-20a).  It stops calculating the end universe and end channel, though.  I click the save button and nothing happens.  No matter what I modify in the UI, the end channel never calculates and the save button never works.

Further, I've added another receiver to the smart chain (smart receiver 17-20b).  It behaves the same.  Stops calculating end channel and save button doesn't work.


Can the controller detect that there isn't a smart receiver on the other end of the line?  I may not have the dial set correctly.  It's up on the roof and it's dark, so I'll be double-checking the dial configuration in the morning.

Aaron Maue

You're not going to believe this...

So, I thought Chrome might be the problem.  Tried Edge.  It worked!  That's not the weird part...

I went to my other F16v4 to make the same changes, as I have two of them set up the same way.  Ran into the same problem.  Press the blue plus sign to add the smart receivers.  It stops calculating end channel and won't allow saves.

Now the weird part...  I went back to Chrome, just for grins.  Now, the blue plus sign works as expected on the second device.  So, apparently, switching browsers in the middle of the process is the winner.  LOL

OK... I'm sure that's not it, but somehow, it managed to get me through.  I'm hesitant to muck with anything else at this point, but I'll do some more troubleshooting after the season to see if I can reliably duplicate what I experienced here.

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