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Visualization format

Started by charleskerr, December 17, 2014, 02:37:12 PM

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I don't know if others have an interest, but this is how I define my visualizations for fseq files.

The xml defines a series of reusable elements, however one wants.  They are relative to that element. 

anyway, here it goes:

    <element scale="1.0" label="MTRed">
<!--  MT1 - MTRed  -->
                 <source type="intensity" offset="0" patternOrigin="0,0">
                      <line origin="77.0,314.0" pattern="2.5,13.5"  phase="0.0" lineWidth="1.4" label="MT1" fill="no" color="1.0,0.0,0.0">
                           <loc origin="45.0,22.2"/>
                       <oval origin="0.0,0.0" fill="yes" color="0.0,1.0,0.0"/>

            <display element="MTRed" channel="1" origin="0.0,0.0"/>

Don't know how many others are working on visualizers, but I thought I would at least put the format out for consideration.  It does have a tad extra information (such as patternOrigin) which is used by my sequencer, that could be ignored.

One is never too old to learn


For users that don't already use xLights, I have been recommending they convert their .fseq to a .xseq in xLights and then they can use xLights Preview screen as a visualizer.


I dont suppose that format is handy for looking at, without having to download and look at the entire xlights package?

One is never too old to learn


Here is one example:

    <model name="Mega Tree" DisplayAs="Tree 360" StringType="RBG Nodes" exportFirstStrand="1" parm1="8" parm2="46" parm3="2" StartChannel="2049" StartSide="B" Dir="L" Antialias="0" ModelBrightness="100" offsetXpct="0.1780" offsetYpct="0.3675" PreviewScale="0.3300" PreviewRotation="0" versionNumber="1" MyDisplay="1"/>

I think that the models are all different though, so you would really need to get a config file with a copy of each different model type to see all the values.  I only have 2-3 types in mine I believe since a lot of my stuff uses custom models.


Yea, the issue there is lights is based on the concept of defining models. Where models are "strings" of lights.  For visualization purposes, I may want to define individual ovals, or lines, or combinations.  So I think the fidelity is lost for a general purpose definition.  I do think one can probably relate this format down to the lower, but by making that the lower, base, loses the flexiblity I would desire.

Does give me a data point if I also want to make a convertor.
One is never too old to learn


Quote from: charleskerr on December 17, 2014, 03:57:24 PM
Yea, the issue there is lights is based on the concept of defining models. Where models are "strings" of lights.

Not sure if it helps, but Nutcracker custom models are basically just a list of locations on a grid.  Pixel 1 (channels 1,2,3) is at 35,42 on the grid, Pixel 3 (channels 7,8,9) is at 104,33, etc..


Yes, but not everyone who uses fseq format uses xlights or grids.  So I don't think that is a viable format to put all fseq users into that constraint.  But I will definitely use the information if I do a convertor from xlights format to a more basic one.

Thanks for the information.
One is never too old to learn


1 I have a format file in note pad, How can I create dot format.format file with this.

2 I have a Excel file with fundamental data, How can I create dot aqe .aqe file with this.

I attach both file herewith.

Can anyone help me on this.

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