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Test script (from GPIO)

Started by AAH, May 02, 2015, 06:10:10 AM

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  I have been working on a cape for the Pi that has 36 DC channels driven from the 2801 output using the expansion header pins 19 and 23. Also on it is a DS1307 real time clock with SDA on pin 3 and SCL on pin 5. The bit that I need a hand with is the test switch and test led that is on there. I have a test switch that connects to 0V (via a 1k resistor) on pin 12 and a led to indicate that it's in test mode on pin 11. I haven't actually used the inbuilt test functions of FPP yet as I only installed the latest build yesterday and haven't plugged onto my cape yet.
  Dave Pitts suggested to me while I was chatting with him on ACL chat that I should shout out here and someone could probably get me sorted pretty quick. I have no knowledge of Linux or any of the FPP coding/scripts etc so I need a full noobies guide.
  A bit of info on the board is at . I can paste the relevant bit of schematic if it helps.



No replies so I will start the battle myself in the morning. Can anyone point a complete noob to some code examples and how to implement them on FPP. Using a GPIO pin to turn on and off the R,G,B chase mode is what I'm hoping to do. If there is a processing power limit then i may have to go with something else.


Dave Pitts was active in ACL chat tonight and he has put me onto the idea of using a test sequence and simply triggering that. That now seems like a plan that I can manage. He pointed me to,2356.msg25944.html#msg25944
How someone can still function at 5:20am has me amazed.


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Sorry, this post must have fallen through the Tapatalk cracks and I missed it.  I haven't had a chance to reply to your PM from a couple days ago either.

I think that a 'test' sequence/playlist/event-script combination is the easiest way to implement this with the current FPP.  The new F16-B and F4-B capes for the BBB have a test button on them, so I have been thinking about how to handle that.  I think that we could come up with a solution that allowed the user to manually configure a 'test' GPIO input and FPP could monitor that GPIO input and start an internal test sequence.  Once we get a better test mode in the UI, then that would use the same support on the backend.

I think for now, you can have a script which checks to see if the test playlist is running.  if it is not, then send the command to FPP to start the playlist.  If it is running then send the command to stop the playlist.  There are example scripts in the script repository for these actions, you can download those and edit to do what you want.  The Script Repository is browseable under the "Content Setup" menu item in FPP.  Install a script, then you can view through the File Manager scripts tab or download and view/edit locally before (re)uploading.

If you want general help on setting up a GPIO triggered script, look at this thread,2356.msg25940.html#msg25940 for an example.

FPP does not currently support direct-attached WS2801 pixels on the BBB, the WiringPi library we use to drive these doesn't work on the BBB and we haven't implemented a replacement, so the WS2801 channel output type will be disabled on the BBB in FPP v1.5.  If you have working code to drive WS2801 pixels from a BBB, then I'll be happy to take a look at making it work in FPP.

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