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(SOLVED) Going to have to wait for the MICRO hdmi to see BBB FPP v1.5

Started by arw01, September 16, 2015, 10:57:38 PM

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Holding the user boot button I get nothing after a long wait.  boot without it down, just flashes the user leds, never gets fpp going or ping beaglebone going.

At least I put it on prime and be here Thursday night.


Hope that works for you. I've been unable to get either of my BBBs to output HDMI to my screen. New cable too - maybe I just got a bad one...
Halfmoon Bay, BC


Both the Octoscroller and the F16-B need all the GPIO pins they can get so HDMI output is disabled in the FPP images for now.  I want to create a set of neutered ?Quad?scroller and F16-B outputs that allow us to keep HDMI on but haven't had time to investigate that much.

If you want to force booting off the microSD without having to press the button, you can connect the BBB to your windows computer via the USB cable.  When you do this, windows will automatically mount the first file system on the eMMC.  On there you will find a file called "MLO". Rename that to something like "MLO.old" and in mount the eMMC drive and power the BBB off.  When the MLO file does not exist the BBB will try to boot off the microSD first automatically.


Will try that Cap'n if watching the initial booting does not work. I don't think FPP is getting started at all, and the built in seems to not be happening.  The last time I took the micro sd card out and booted it, still never got a ping beaglebone to work.


One can hook up the serial cable (normally an FTDI to serial) to the first uart connector on the BBB to get the "console".  If you want to see what is going on and debug, it is extremely useful (especially when one isn't going to use the HDMI).  It shows the startup before the HDMI is enabled, and is of course an active console after startup.

Just another option, and I consider it essential if one wants to do development or troubleshoot their BBB extensively.
One is never too old to learn


so what's the hyperterminal settings for a session hooked to the BBB?



Well waiting on the mini adapter was a bust because it turns out it's a  MICRO Hdmi adapter and I did not order that one.

I have tried with two other SD cards, best I can get is the heartbeat blinks on the stock system.  Holding down the user boot never seems to have an effect (the power comes on and that is it)

This is not becoming fun since you cannot see a thing about what is going on.

The wiki is way out of date, no V1.5 image file there, instructions are for older versions.  No MD5 check sum for the file.  Why use 7zip when you can right click in windows and extract the file?


I think most use the BBB install instructions in the sticky thread.


Ok I fess up, I'm a noob, either I never noticed that, or was using the wrong ones.  I HOPE to be making progress now that I have used the winimager and have my original beaglebone going with the USB drive disconnected and only the microsd card in there.  This time when I held down the user boot I got some normal heartbeat leds etc..

few more minutes and will see what its up too via a fpp/ request in the browser.


FPP is up on the BBB!  woo hoo..

setting up the channels now, said my sd card was unmounted, so set that for storage and it's rebooting now. 


Hi Alan,

Great that you are going ! You may wish to post on the other thread as well where I replied.

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