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Wireless Setup

Started by trkeenan, September 24, 2015, 07:48:08 PM

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Have any of you set up the Pie and Sandevices on a wireless network out in the yard? What equipment did you use?



Completely possible. The FPP can be a stand alone player or used as a slave to another Pi. You can use wireless to manage the player. You'll need a Pi, SD or uSD card, USB thumb drive, wireless dongle and power supply.


Thanks for the reply.  How do I get the San device to be wireless


Quote from: trkeenan on September 26, 2015, 05:57:21 AM
Thanks for the reply.  How do I get the San device to be wireless

For testing at home I use an Apple Airport Express in Bridge mode and connect the Airport Express directly to the SanDevice E682. There are other devices being used as well that people have posted in this forum.

I'm not sure by your original post what your final setup would be. Can you describe what hardware/Lights you want to put out in the yard.



What I am try to do is;
I have the pi and a 6804 in an enclosure driving the "Geek my Tree lights".  I would like to have connected to my home network wirelessly instead of running a network line from the house.  I am having trouble figuring out what hardware I should place in the enclosure to make it all connect to my home network.

Thanks for the advice.


If it's just what you described you can connect the Pi to the sandevice and add a wifi dongle to the PI.

While you have the Pi in the house. Plug an Ethernet cord into it and setup the Wifi on the pi to see your home network.
Verify you can connect to the Pi via Wifi. If you can, then configure the ETH0 with a static IP address for your "show Network".
you will also need to set a static IP on the SanDevice  in the Same show network.

Now plug the pi ethernet port into the SanDevice ethernet port.

From your PC you should be able to connect to the PI over Wifi.

Open a putty session on the Pi and see if you can ping the sandevice, If you can you are doing well.

After that, I would take all of that out to the yard and make sure your Pi can connect to you home wifi.



Ok thanks for the help so far.  I really appreciate it.

I got my pi configured to work via Wifi successfully.

My Sandevice is configured with a static IP of  I connected to the Sandevice to the pi ethernet port and tried to run my show with no success.

I am not sure what a putty session is.

Can you advice?



Are you using unicast in FPP and providing the IP of the e6804?


Quote from: CaptainMurdoch on October 10, 2015, 08:28:16 AM
Are you using unicast in FPP and providing the IP of the e6804?

Yes I sure am.

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