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2 FPP and 2 projectors...noob help needed

Started by DiscoStew, October 21, 2015, 09:54:12 PM

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Howdy folks :)

I have 2 video projectors that I want to use for some window projections for Halloween. I have the FPP PI's set-up ( I think i have it right). But where I'm stuck is with the creating a sequence to control the projectors and run the video projection. I'm not sure what software I need to create a sequence that doesn't involve lights (coming X-mas 2015 :) 

What Mac software do I need to create a sequence?

I ask a lot of questions


Stew, all you need to do is make a playlist of the videos and then have a method to start the playlist.

Hi, I am not sure what you mean by sequence, did you want specific timings for each video to play in either of the two projectors or do you just want to be able to play a few different videos looping / repeating on both projectors. this would the easiest to do, I am sure someone else will tell you how to sequence video.

if you just want to play videos either manually or on a schedule then -

first use the file manager page to upload the video files to your FPP.

then go to playlists and name a new playlist and then select which movies you want in that playlist.

from there you can just go to the status page and manually start a playlist, there is also a button to repeat the playlist until you stop it.

that will get you movies playing there are several other ways to then start and stop playlists.

you can use the scheduler to automatically start a playlist at a certain time and day.

or you can use a trigger input to a GPIO to start an Event that includes a playlist of movies and can also start a Pixel sequence that's generated in say Xlights.

hope this some help.
Regards Richard.


Additionally. there is a  Projector Control Plugin that allows you to send the commands to the projector through PJLINK or RS232 to turn the projector ON... turn it to the right input.. then ultimately turn it off.

If your projector is not listed, let us know and point us to the manual, and we can usually add those codes for you quickly.

Denver Colorado
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I can't believe it's that easy! I had spent so much time seeing references to sequences, I thought I needed it for FPP to play it.  ::)

I already added the projector control ( but haven't checked the list yet). I'm thinking of using the Big Green Button which, I assume, means it can be triggered by the push of a button or switch. My thoughts are to use the button to trigger a video. I gotta try to find more info on the button thingy.

What I would really like to do is set up the button so I can press once for "small child friendly" video, and press the button twice for a more startling video.

So here are the 2 projectors I have. But I just realized one is so old it doesn't have HDMI...So Im nt sure how I will get video out from the Pi.

1) Benq MS510 - Here is the download for the ASCII commands
2) NEC MT1065 - The HEX commands are on page E64
The NEC projector is from's old and heavy, but it throws a TONNE of light!! I just need to get a video signal into it.
I ask a lot of questions



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