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** SOLVED ** ran into some issues with flexible strip RGB

Started by arw01, November 01, 2013, 01:35:54 PM

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cross posted to DIY, but there seems to be a quicker, and more technical response over here.

I bought some of the 5m flexible RGB strips that Ray has this year for $30.00 a roll.  I am not sure I programmed them properly from the ssc utility because they don't behave properly in xlights, but there are so many variables here, not sure which one may be incorrect.

Blew out one SSC, think it touched my helping hands while running a test cycle from xlights.

Made up a second SSC and made sure that one was away from the metal.

Running the different test sequences like chase don't look like the render properly on the flex strip I got from Ray.

I've attached some videos that I shot the wrong orientation, sorry I'm a photographer not a videographer!

First one is 20131031_1-3_chase  this is a 1-3 chase from the test part of xlights.

second one is curtain effect, that does not work what so ever

and the third is supposed to circles

Some hints on what I may have programmed wrong or do we think it's something else?

The ssc setting I was using:

[attachment deleted by admin]


If you can take a screen shot of your Nutcracker Model setup, lets start from there.

Then I can recreate it. Or, just copy/past the contents of your "xlights_rgbeffects.xml" file here. It will have your Model definition it it.
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


Attached, I was only playing with the SSC-Arch-1 model.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Changing the SSC programming utility to Rigid Strip solved the problem.  Now I need to figure out some other weird little things.

Like how to extend a sequence..

I noticed some of the play in the grid would do just one model and other times it would do 2 models, I just could not figure out the pattern to the behavior.


same as on DLA where you asked about extending a sequence

Was it just an animation sequence? (no music involved)

A few steps that I know will sound confusing at first, but once you get a feel for the relationship between the XML file and the XSEQ files that do all the work, it will be very easy.

I'll make up some fake names to clarify:

  • You have two files now, Shorty.xml and Shorty.xseq
  • Create a new Animation sequence of the correct length, create at least one interval and select at least one model.
  • Save this and call it Longer. You now have two more files named Longer.xml and Longer.xseq
  • Close xLights and open the xLights directory.
  • You want to keep Shorty.xml since it has your actual good data but Shorty.xseq can be deleted or renamed
  • Then rename Longer.xseq to Shorty.xseq. Longer.xml can be deleted or renamed.
  • Re-open xLights and open Shorty.xseq.  xLights will automatically associate and open Shorty.xml because it has the same name. You should see all your old intervals and models, plus it is the new, correct length.
  • When you Save the next time, it will re-create and put all the correct data into the Shorty.xseq file.

Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


I went file looking thinking it would be in the XML file, that is a logical way to change it and makes sense to me.

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