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Can't get the lights going.

Started by pstone05, December 11, 2015, 03:41:59 AM

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Hello All,

This is my first year doing lights. I have been playing around with Vixen and my lights work when my computer is connected and outputting. The problem I have is I have two projectors that play videos so I really need this working on the FPP. I played around with the master/remote function and it works perfectly with my other two FPPs (which will be out in the yard with the projectors).

From DIYC I noted that there were some issued with Vixen exporting the .fseq file so I made sure to update to the current version.  I export the sequence from Vixen to an .fseq and upload it to the FPP. Create a playlist, add the sequence, save it and play it but my lights don't play. Even when I use the Display Testing on the FPP nothing happens (doesn't matter if it is the channel testing tab or the sequence tab).

My two controllers (Alphapix4) have static ip addresses. I have a v2 pi running FPP 1.6-28-g941c25e connected to my lan. I feel like I'm probably missing something really simple but can't figure it out. I have my e1.31 universes and channels set up as attached. (As I'm sitting here typing this I realized I should try one of the other FPP and see if I get the same results.)


Is there an audio or video file associated with the sequence?  Does that play when running a show from the FPP? Can you see that the sequence is running from the FPP Status page?

I'm not familiar with the Aplhapix line of controllers but you have verified them as  working with Vixen's output so it's likely a configuration problem on the FPP side that you've missed. Can you post your vixen export fseq screen shot of how it exports the sequence for FPP?



What is the TCP/IP address of your FPP? and how is it connected to the two AlphaPix controllers?

My setup would be to have the FPP with a static IP address in the range, connected to the same Ethernet switch that the AlphaPix4 and other FPP Remotes are attached. (note - I don't use wireless dongles - personal preference related to not wanting to lose any more hair)
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


It shows playing on the status page and I can hear the music. The two controllers are connected to my network switch in the house (ethernet through the attic and then outside) with the main FPP connected directly to that switch as well.


If you are using wireless (wlan0 shows in your picture) to talk to your FPP:

Remove the Gateway value from the eth0 setting.
Put the Gateway in the wlan0
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


A couple notes.
your channel math is a little off on lines 6 and 7. Should be 652 and 781 as start channels (based on your sizes listed)

Can you ping from the fpp?


Thanks for catching the error with the channels. I am able to ping both controllers from the fpp.

The master pi is connected by lan to my show switch (d-link) which is connected to a router (a spare airport express). This is all separate from my home network. I use the wlan to access fpp if I'm feeling lazy and don't want to click twice to change the wireless network on my computer. The two remote pi connect wirelessly since they will be in the yard. The two alphapix controllers are connected by lan to the switch. Everything is set up with static ip addresses of 10.0.1.x (my home network is 10.0.2.x) and a subnet of

At this point I'm thinking something has to be wrong the the .fseq i'm getting from Vixen 3 or it's something to do with my router/switch. Does anyone have an .fseq or could maybe make a quick generic one with vixen to cover my very modest 920 channels of e1.31 so I can test?

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