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Nutcracker effects back into LSP xml discussion

Started by arw01, December 19, 2013, 10:39:24 PM

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Thread to help get the xml format from nutcracker into a format that we can import back into LSP. 

LSP is reporting it does not recognize the file format.

Sean had asked for and gotten a file done like this:

The UserPatterns.xml file must have changed with lsp 2.8

If someone would make a ten second sequence on 6 channels. Assign red to channel 1 and fade from full intensity to black over the ten seconds.
On channels 4,5,6, fade blue from full intensity to black.

Save this 6 channel, ten second sequence and make a UserPatterns.xml file, I think now it is a user file.

Post this file where I can see it, I'll take a look. No promises, but maybe it is a simple fix

I am not sure I am doing this right to have my one copy to look at and play with:


Ok, now I get that the xml export was from nutcracker not from LSP.

So anyone know of some details on the meaning of the lsp fields in the userpatterns.xml file?


Quote from: arw01 on December 22, 2013, 12:14:59 AM
Ok, now I get that the xml export was from nutcracker not from LSP.

So anyone know of some details on the meaning of the lsp fields in the userpatterns.xml file?

The reverse engineering goes like this, I did this last year.

Create a ten second sequence on just one e1.31 universe. Put in color wash with one color. Use red. Now export for lsp.

Now do the same in lsp, ten second red.

Compare the files.

Now make changes in the nutcracker file and try importing new edited file. If you can change the nc file to work, tell me and I will change the export to match.

It would be nice if there was any documentation of the UserPatterns.xml.

Maybe frankr knows something since he wrote light elf

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So to be a little more dense here getting started.

One e1.31 universe means what in this context?  512 like a normal dmx?  so a 512 channel controller with the pattern put in for all those channels, or one channel?

I was looking at my pattern xml file from lsp and I could delete all the patterns I have in there completely and then just put in a single one for now to play.

do we have have any idea of what the data points are in there? 



I guess this isn't resolved? I, like usual, lost a lot from last year and have all the fseq files without the backed up msq files..
Its a wonderful life.


Yes it was fixed, Tom Langley worked with Sean and got it working.  You need to backup your userpattern.xml file first to be able to keep it when you are done.


This was fixed about six months ago. To my knowledge, people are pulling nutcracker effects back into LSP.
Littleton, CO Latest releases xLights/Nutcracker Forum Facebook [url=


Yep its working did it for a few sequences where I just wanted a little more than macros for effects I couldn't figure out with a macro :)


Thanks Todd, this and little digging ( and it is starting to click with me (a little)  ;D.  Can you guys expound?  Let's talk channels/controllers/elements.  Say I am done with LSP and export to conductor format.  I import into XLNC.  Can I add whatever channels I want to with the overlay?  IOW I don't need to setup the element in LSP?   

This is exciting as I have been waiting for this.  I do most of my sequencing for next year once the show is live and running smooth...  I occasionally will add another tune or 2 by mid-season.   


Yep you can add whatever model you want to the sequence, just don't use channels in your model that exist in LSP with effects you created in LSP otherwise it will overwrite it.

Also here is a video about putting it back into LSP.

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