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How to run hzeller rpi-rgb-led-matrix under FPP1.8

Started by AAH, May 03, 2016, 06:53:54 AM

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So, I had a 'classic' adapter that Captain created on osh park - That worked. It was a little ringy but that could be my cables. It did work
I had a 'standard' adapter - that was from hzeller - and that worked - it had better output on the same cable as the classic
I had 2 Adafruit boards that I used, and those both worked. These were comparible to the 'standard' board output.

Thumbs up captain for making another option for the PIs


Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


Thanks for testing.  I will see if I can get this merged into v1.8 over the weekend.  The classic pinout is Henner's original pinout before he reworked the library to use the two hardware PWM.


Yes, and I have one of the adapters that says, 'Top Panel' 'Middle Panel' 'Bottom Panel'. I dont know which pin out to use for that, nor the configuration. I think it was a 1x3 panel layout board, or could possibly be a 8x3 panel layout board.

eitherway, thank you captain for expanding the possibility of using the PI for matrixes much easier!

Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


Hello Captain Murdoch,

I am also interested in getting the Hzeller board working with the FPP.  My Pi is running v1.8, but the adapter board is not working with my P10 units.

I have checked the signaling on the panel connectors, and things do not appear to be stable.  I can see the A/B/C signals cycling through selections from '0' to '7', but there are breaks in the continuity of the signaling.  The logic analyzer shows roughly 5ms of signaling, then 5ms of no activity and the activity pattern repeats.  I am also wondering if the Pi pin assignments for this board are supported by FPP.  The CLK, OE and STB signals do not appear to be what I would expect, and the other signals have bursts of random signaling on them.  Could something else in the FPP be accessing the GPIO for a different reason every 5ms?

You mentioned that v1.8 supports several pin assignments... how is that done?  Does the FPP determine how to drive the GPIO based on the RGBMatrix Panel Layout selection?


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