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Started by David Pitts, June 01, 2016, 06:24:06 PM

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Regarding wire gauge, i used around 30 of these F8 Distros last year (i run 5v lights, so i have a good amount on injecting going on).  I have always (over four years now) just used Ray's pigtails for all signals and power injection. I think they're 18 AWG, at least notionally.  What is driving some of you to such heavy gauges? I have some power injection runs that are up to 50 feet  (only a couple) and have no issues with the Ray pigtails and Ray extension cords made from the same gauge wire.

Just curious


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wow you running 5v 50' did you ever put a voltage meter at the end of run? what does your bright white look like?
I run my 5v on 12awg max 20'


Come to think of it, the two 50' runs are on 12V now that I think about it, sorry for that.

I have plenty of other runs that combine a 10' 3-core extension cord from Ray and a 25' 3-core extension cord, so 35', using 18 AWG extension cords (again, I will stress that by no means am I guaranteeing that what is referred to from Ray as 18 AWG is actually 18 AWG, but it performs well).  I just did the voltage drop calculator, and, assuming 35' feet distance, 5V DC, 18AWG wire, injecting power to 50 pixels, running pure white (which from my direct measurements equates to around 1.9A), voltage drop at 35 feet is only 0.89 V which is nothing to write home about.  The reason I chose 50 pixels for my drop calculator is that, most of my display is setup as 100 pixels per output.  I typically connect power and data to pixel #1 directly out of the controller and then I connect power only to pixel #100 (or pixel #50 depending on the particular element).

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I finally had a chance to look at these extension cords in a bit more detail.  They are labeled as 0.75mm^2 three-core 300V/500V power cabling.  I didn't actually count individual strands and mic out a strand like you are supposed to yet, but that wire gauge comes in between 18AWG to 20AWG.  I found the attached datasheet for wire of this type and it suggests power transmission of this wire up to a current of 6 amps and 26 ohm / kilometer nominal DC resistance.  If make the assumption that you are power injecting with 1 amp of current, that would be a voltage drop due to cabling of 0.26 V per kilometer, which is around 3300 feet, or around 0.01V per 100 feet of voltage drop.  Let me know if I am missing something.

I just ran a test on my 5V lights, 100 pixels ws2811, turned them to 100% on running white light and I am measuring a total current draw of 2.92 amps for those 100 pixels distributed between the power+data line and the power injection line.  The power injection line is carrying less of the overall load, only 0.92 amps, the remaining 2.00 amps is running from the controller to the first pixel.

Looks like I can inject power to multiple strings with one of these extension cords.

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Planning on at least two of these but wanted to know a source for the pluggable connectors?  Would this be the correct type?



I do not have any F8s but every other Falcon board that I have bought with pluggable connectors comes with the parts you need for the wires.  I would not be buying any unless you want to have extras on hand.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


Good to know, thanks



Quote from: David Pitts on June 03, 2016, 07:21:07 PM
30 amp max. So 30 amp fuse

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As this is my first use of anything, I need to install a separate 30 amp fuse between the PS and the F8-Distro, correct?



If the Distro is in the same enclosure I do not fuse it. However if the Distro is in a remote location I will add a 30amp fuse to protect the line  since it's susceptible to damage.

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