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LOR user needed

Started by therealbigjim, April 22, 2014, 07:40:44 PM

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I posted this on NC forum and Sean said there were some hig count LOR users over here.

Is there an LOR user that has experience with making the high channel count layouts. I want to add some of the NC effects to LOR but I need to make a show template to add to my existing sequences. I am keeping some of my dimmers and like my timings. With 100s of hours in the 20 or so songs I have I don't want to start over. I am really having issues getting LOR to cooperate.  I have done some RGB sequencing but it was 3 channel DMX for a coro flake (3 channels for each leg). I envision using some NC effects but also want to have some super star like stuff maybe using some single string effects from NC. I am NOT paying for the superstar upgrade to LOR and plan to do my best with NC. I will be using a mix bag of equipment, Falcon, DLA and LOR (in DMX) so it aught to be interesting.     
Jim Cannon


I am only a first year LOR user, but I did use LOR S3 & NC/XL last year with each other.  I only sequenced 360 RGB elements, though (1080 DMX channels).  I did a brute force method because I had already built my visualizer elements (light by light, very painful process).  I used NC/XL to setup my RGB effects, then exported them into an LOR dummy sequence file.  I then opened my LOR sequence file into which I wanted to dump the NC/XL effects, and cut/pasted them into the appropriate columns/rows of the sequence.  I had already named all my channels one by one in the LOR sequencer and over in the LOR visualizer and I didn't know how to make NC/XL name them in a particular manner, so I used this method.  Worked like a CHAMP.  I am sure you will get better answers than this one, but this worked for me.  I decided to add RGBs to my (first year) display in Sep last year so I didn't have much time to learn all the "in's" & "outs" of NC/XL exports, etc.  I hope this helps!!!  Oh, I used LOR CTB16PC for my 16 AC channels and the E682 for my RGBs.  No problems here once I figured out how to setup the e1.31 stuff in LOR.  Everything worked well.

Not to throw LOR under the bus or anything, but I will be using HLS this year to avoid LOR slowness and other problems many people have reported with LOR at high channel counts.  Even with only 1080 DMX channels I could see a very distinct slowing down of the LOR software.  My two cents....  I like LOR and everything...   But they seem to be behind the RGB curve.


I saw Sean's post, and yes, I am still using LOR to control many things, but have learned how to "overlay" my LOR sequence with Nutcracker within xLights.

I don't (and don't recommend) create my Nutcracker sequencing and then paste it into LOR. It makes for HUGE files and is very slow. Others do it that way but I don't understand how they can put up with it.

The secret to mixing the two formats without major pain is:

1.  Use only DMX or E1.31 in your LOR sequences. I switched to 100% DMX 3 years ago. No more LOR protocol or LOR dongles. When you switch to DMX, you use a simpler channel numbering system of 1 thru 512.
2.  Keep the LOR DMX channels down is the "low" numbers.  All my LOR S3 software channels fit within 2 universes. I consider that to be channels 1 thru 1024.  All my Nutcracker channels start at 1025 and go up from there.

You mention using Falcon and DLA which means you intend to use Pixelnet?  Once you get a firm grip on the numbering of DMX versus Pixelnet universes, you can readily mix them without "stomping" on each others channels.

So, simply stated, I took my tried and true LOR sequences and converted them in xLights to XSEQ files (xLights format). In Nutcracker, when you create your models, you just make sure you don't duplicate any LOR channel numbers. When you "SAVE" your Nutcracker effects (with the same name as your converted LOR file, then Nutcracker quite nicely just appends them together without overwriting anything. I did it a 100 times last year without problem.

Once you create that hybrid file in XSEQ format, you must output it from xLights, not LOR. That's not a problem since the xLights scheduler is super easy and super stable.

Or, you can take one more step and convert your XSEQ file to FSEQ and use the Falcon Pi Player (FPP) to control your yard. That is what I did for last Christmas. It was great having my work computer totally free instead of tied up running the show.

Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


This is really great info.  Helps me a ton and is just the info I was looking for.  This solidifies my desire to get the FPP to control my entire show.  Thanks!


Good read for sure.  I run a lot of LOR, using two DLA etherdongles ... and I've found the combination to be nice.  I basically didn't add my new RGB stuff the LOR side at all, just updated the channels as needed for the pre-existing RGB items I had (slightly under 4k pixelnet channels in my LOR config).  For the new stuff, it was all in the pixelnet universes above the first 4k pixelnet universe and those are really handled on the xlights/NC side only.  Works great.  If I decide to use NC to program something instead of LOR, I have to go into the LOR sequence and select the rows or groups for that RGB objects and just select-all and delete everything.  You can actually interleave provided you know when LOR is doing something vs. when NC will ... but probably not a good idea long term.  So in 2013 I was over 19k channels and probably approaching 30k in 2014 with just a few new RGB elements added.  I'd really like to add some Falcon products but I've been dead against mixing hardware so I'm keeping my world simple as the expense of not having the coolest hardware anymore.


Quote from: taybrynn on April 30, 2014, 11:19:24 AM
  I'd really like to add some Falcon products but I've been dead against mixing hardware so I'm keeping my world simple as the expense of not having the coolest hardware anymore.

I must be brave or crazy, but I have a mix of LOR Software, LOR Hardware, D-Light Hardware, J1Sys hardware, DLA hardware and Falcon hardware, software and firmware, plus the Pi Player and Pi Dongle, plus xLights and Nutcracker - it works very well together. Part works in DMX, part works in Pixelnet.

It is hard to explain clearly to others, though. Their eyes glaze over. :(
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


Were all crazy ... glad its all working so well !!


Been blundering around my 'NEW" LOR template and set up my 64 node 16 string mega tree. The visualizer is kicking my butt. I use the one in the sequencer not the advanced one that you can use a picture. After clicking on 1024 squares to make the visualization of my mega tree there has to be a better way. :o I am really over the hump because that's my biggest RGB feature but I haven't been successful making LOR clip boards and putting the NC effects into LOR. I know you warned against doing this but I wan to see the effect in LOR sequencer. I know I have to get past the on, off and shimmer sequencing I have done in the past. I just have a picture in my mind's eye how I want it to look and can't get it into the sequencer.
Jim Cannon


I would just skip adding it on the LOR side and sequence it on the lights/nc side only.   Saves a lot of pain and slowness in LOR.


I've drawn two megatrees in my LOR animator.  One is 50nodes x24 the second is 50nodes x32.  Then there are the rest of the RGB fixtures all drawn dot by dot.  It was the best two weeks I ever spent!  :P  I can't help myself, I really enjoy watching my lights blink in LOR.
I don't use the clipboard option going from Nutcracker to LOR instead I create a new LOR animation sequence(.las) exported from nutcracker.  Then I copy/paste the piece and length I want from it into my existing musical sequence.  I don't use a lot of Nutcracker so this method works for me.


The problem you will eventually face is that LOR will get so slow that it'll bog down .   Ymmv


Will someone let me have a completed x-light sequence. Ill even trade any of my LOR sequences if they are wanted.  What would be best I think would be a sequence I have in LOR so I can get a feel for what to do. I plan on using some of my on/off elements ,but I am converting/ using DMX for all the lynx and LOR controllers.  I am using audacity to get the music wave form and timing, but I am still struggling/ resisting wishing I could use LOR...(grumble bitch....grumble). I know that unless the x-light code blending really changes the functionality I have to learn something else but the mental block I have is getting in the way.
Jim Cannon


Well I will give taybrynn an "see I told you so ". He was right and as I attempted to use NC generated effects the LOR sequencer locked up and crashed. I only had about 45 seconds of the 3 min song done. I hope the future LOR release addresses or changes the way it handles files from clipboards. Some of the clipboards were 4 -5 megs and even with the undo turned off I did not even get half way through it. I am still struggling with NC time based sequencing vs. the wave and grid sequencing in LOR.   
Jim Cannon


Sean mentioned in last nights (Thursday, May 15th) nutcracker tutorial that a future version of xlights (4.0?) may have a grid/wave layout.  He has been talking with Matt (xlight creator) about the new layout.  It would look something like audacity.  His video explains it better than I can.  It sounds very interesting.
Here is the link to his tutorial. 

I don't use the clipboard (.lcb)option.  Instead I create/export a .las file from nutcracker.  I then open my main sequence and the exported .las sequence in LOR.  I copy pieces of the .las file (no more than 10 seconds at a time) and paste it into my main sequence.  Yes, this is very time consuming.  Only diehard LOReans are crazy enough to struggle on with the outdated software.


I will try that. I have pulled my monitor form my pi and now have both on my main desk top.  I am going to have both xl and lor running and just work back and forth.  I know changes are coming and I am going to do some time consuming stuff but I don't want to wait on my sequencing. Things all ways come up and the lights  will have to go on the back burner. 
Jim Cannon

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