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PICKIT 3 failing?

Started by onesmoothhead, November 18, 2016, 09:15:40 AM

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My PICkit 3 does not recognize my PIC24 chip. It was, but then I moved something to MLAB and now nothing. How do I take it back or can someone send me a suggestion which PICKIT software I should should be using. Is it possible it is broken, because the USB connection at the PICKIT is connects and disconnects when bumped.


If the USB is connecting / disconnecting with a 'bump' then that does sound like an issue.  Possibly try a different USB cable, but if not that, it might be the connector breaking loose from the circuit board... you might be able to re-solder if you can crack the case and get to it.

As far as MPLAB, I put a detailed write-up of getting PICKit to work with that in the uSC owners manual.

If the 'PIC24' you are trying to program is a uSC, then this should be the exact sequence.  If trying to program some other PIC24, those instructions should still get you 99% of the way there - just use the appropriate (different) firmware.


Another problem may be that MPLAB has rewritten the PICkit 3's firmware.  This is an issue with the PICkit 3 and MPLAB.  Make sure that you are using MPLAB IPE and not MPLAB IDE.  Also make sure that you are selecting the correct family and PIC in the software.  Unlike the PICkit 2, the 3 does not auto-identify the PIC connected to it.  Also, make sure that the PIC is getting power, either thru the PICkit or from the board the PIC is on.  I would also look into that USB cable as well as the socket on the PICkit to determine where the issue is with the bad connection.


Thanks guys. I will Crack the case. I am pretty sure I will be Uninstaller all MLAB software. Start over with the correct download. I will review the process suggested in addition. I can not select any chop set, which makes me think MLAB has taken over the PICkit.

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