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2 Output not working on F16B

Started by abrianbaker, December 05, 2016, 02:04:34 PM

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For some reason on my f-16b port number 3 & 7 have stopped out putting lights. Up to this point everything has worked fine. I have checked the strings on other ports and they work so I know it is not the string. Just for grins I reimaged the BBB with a fresh install and I am still not getting any lights from Port  3 & 7. I checked voltage on both ports and am getting 12 volts out. Is there something else I can check and or replace?

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You don't have the serial option selected in the dropdown do you?  I believe when you use the serial output (pixelnet/dmx) it disables port 3 and 7 to use for that output for the serial


Sure do lol... I'll check that tonight.  Thanks!

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Is it possible to use any of the serial outputs and still use all of the BBB outputs?

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Quote from: abrianbaker on December 11, 2016, 12:39:06 PM
Is it possible to use any of the serial outputs and still use all of the BBB outputs?

Not currently, the Serial output code and the String output code run on separate PRU's on the BBB.  FPP uses a library called LEDscape for most of this code along with Serial code mostly written by David.  With the amount of data the PRU code for strings pulls and pushes, it wasn't playing nice with anything else running at the same time, so I had to create a neutered version of the string code to get it to work with the serial code without flickering.  This neutered version only uses GPIO2 and doesn't use GPIO0, GPIO1, or GPIO3.  Two of the first 16 string outputs are in GPIO0 so they can't work with the serial code enabled.  The string code is really written in a way so that it expects to be the only thing running, it consumes a lot of resources.  I do have a few other optimizations in mind, so hopefully for next year, we will be able to have 16 or 32 string outputs working along with the 8 serial outputs.\

If you only need 1-2 serial outputs, you can always attach a USB serial dongle to the BBB and get Pixelnet or DMX output.


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