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Thank You All SO MUCH!

Started by Gary, December 03, 2016, 02:04:01 PM

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The light show's been up and running for a few days now, videos are now up at, and my website at has been updated as well. All systems for December 2016 are a go!

I'm usually not much for fluffy words, but I'd like to keep my message simple: THANK YOU ALL INVOLVED SO MUCH for creating the hardware, software, and providing the awesome support to get my light display mostly out of the dark ages (i.e. 120V lights)...  :D


Looks good. It's sometimes a struggle to get it up and running but when it comes on it looks good. Thanks for sharing.
Its a wonderful life.


Videos look good, and it looks like the pixels on the bushes worked out OK.

Thanks for posting.


If you look at , the big round bush to the left of my left garage door suffers from "flickering ring syndrome" where I originally envisioned individual sparking pixels. The other bushes weren't as noticeable since they're only 100 pixels each vs. 300, but the same sort of thing was happening to them as well... so I changed the models for each individual bush from a single line to a Poly Line, and drew them as zigzags with 20 pixels each. It looks much better now with maybe just a couple of pixels acting in unison versus 30 or so.

I don't know if it was that that solved the issue, but I also got myself a nice fast new $1000 laptop on Cyber Monday for half price, so I threw caution to the wind and also cranked up the resolution of my preview since the graphics card would easily handle it in hopes that the finer granularity of the preview would allow for finer pixel control? My last Windows Vista-era spare laptop I used for Christmas purposes probably would have handled the preview, but I was cautious when I originally set it up.

With the new laptop (plus an external 27" monitor while I was spoiling myself :) ), along with the upgrade to xLights 2016.51, FSEQ files are generating  over 10 times faster. I'm giddy right now! ;D


Looks great.  I was trying to post a show video on Youtube and I got blocked for copyright. It was a Pentatonix song. I noticed you listed them in title.  Does that help not to get blocked?  Any thoughts?


Maybe giving the artists some credit helps... I don't know for sure.

I did notice in previous years that when I tried watching some of my videos on my phone, YouTube indicated something to the effect of "the copyright holder has blocked viewing on mobile devices", whereas now it generically says "the video is not available". They work fine on a desktop PC, however.

For this year, this is the one that doesn't work on mobile phones:

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