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BBB FPP wont play as remote.

Started by johntgonzales, July 30, 2017, 07:14:16 PM

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I have a Master FPP and a BBB w/ Falcon. I can get the BBB to test panel but not fseq file. In remote from xlights to BBB i can get p10 panel to play but its choppy. When I use my FPP (Master) and sync the the BBB (remote) they sync. But when i play from master, the remote (BBB) doesnt display. Im stuck right now and cant figure it out from forums. 


Can you pop up some screenshots of your master and slave settings.
Are you running master and slave with a Pi and BBB or master and bridge. If playing from XL4 or Vixen then you'd want the BBB in bridge mode. Depending on the size of the matrix then this can cause major congestion pumping out 3 universes of data per panel. For this reason it's better to use master and slave so the sequence is accessed locally at the BBB.


i have my FPP set as master and my bbb w/ falcon player pushing P10'a set as remote. I can get the BBB to play in bridge from xlights with no issues other than the lag. But when i set a sequence to run on master and sync to remote, i get nothing out of my P10 panels. I can run test lights on panels but cant run a test sequence on from there to P10's. Cant figure it out.



Change the BBB to Standalone or Master mode. Then you can play a sequence in Test.  Doesn't work in Remote.
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


sequence still wont play as standalone or master. even tried playing without music associated as test or through playlist


Do you have any "odd" characters or spacing in the name of your FSEQ file?

try uploading a new copy of it with a simple name like "test.fseq" then test in Standalone
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


okay, i can run a test sequence in testing stage now and from the FPP Master. But cant run a test fseq with audio from master. I took out any crazy file names and converted audio to OGG also. and still wont play from Master to remote. I snyc the files also.

Support FPP

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