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250 pixel driveway arch....on one port?

Started by rickswa, July 28, 2017, 03:53:10 PM

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Hello. I'm making 4 driveway arches this year with 250 pixels per arch (2 100' strings of 2811 pixels and 1 50 count string).  My question is how to go about defining the channels in xlights  and falcon f16v3.  I guess actually my first question is can I just cut one of the 100ct strings in half and seal the wires off?  Next, I defined the strings in the falcon setup module as 100ct strings so will I have to do anything special to define each output as having 250 pixels?  I know I'll have to power inject at some point but that's for later figuring out.  So now that my Falcon question is out there, the next is for xlights.  I have it setup so that the first arch will start on channel 1025 so with 250 pixels, puts the end channel as 1774.  Obviously this crosses into the next universe so what would be the best way to define this model in both falcon and xlights?  I'm just getting confused with the 100ct setup for falcon and also the crossing of universes with 250 pixels per arch.  thanks for any help.


I believe the F16v3 can handle 6 universes per port which is more than enough in your case. And you are on the right track. Make sure the first channel number on your model is the first channel number of the universe you have setup on the port for the F16. And yes you will need to do power injection.


Just forget about 100 count strings, you have 250 count strings.  With 12v nodes I do 120 node strings all over the place with no power injection.  With the Falcon you can turn down power in the controller and easily do what you want with a power supply on each side of the driveway, just need to be sure to tie the grounds together, but that would only require one wire going across the driveway, maybe inside an arch.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


THANK YOU!!  This does clear up my confusion about the string size and universes.  So to keep things clean, I now plan to do 2 universes per arch of 125 nodes each.  In xlights I now setup 2 universes of 375 channels each per arch.  Am I correct in thinking that as long as I do absolute numbering for the start of each arch, I can just leave the arches modeled as a continuous string of 250 since the one universe will end at relative channel 375 and the next will begin at the relative number of 376?  thanks again for helping me out.  I may just pull this conversion from LOR and adding these pixels off yet.   :)

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