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FPP maximum universe count

Started by PixelElf, November 26, 2017, 09:04:17 AM

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I am in my 3rd year running FP 1.9 on a Pi B+ driving 5 e1.31 controllers over an isolated network using 69 universes to drive 23326 channels. The last controller is using 6 universes to drive 3 output lines to drive a 818 pixel matrix (w injection).   Works like a champ.   Then that same controller drives a second identical matrix.  While the first matrix works fine, the second matrix seems to skip/shift the mapping of absolute addresses vs physical pixels with some of the first few columns being replicated further into the matrix.  This only happens in the middle part of the matrix, the first/last parts are fine.   I used Nutcracker to verify that the controller and panels are both fine with no shifting/skipping.   I swapped the control lines for the 2 panels and repeated the test using FP display test and the problem moved from one panel to the other.  I suspect the issue may lie with the fact that I have FP configured with 69 universes and the weirdness starts to appear on the second panel where FP universe 64 is the first of six universes driving that panel.  I have seen reference to old doc saying 64 universes was the FP max and newer doc that suggest 128.  Have I exceeded the maximum universe count for FP?
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I should add that I have FP universes 64-69 mapped to DMX universes 87-92
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I'm not sure about that but if they are the exact same and playing the same thing couldn't you change the universes to the same and then send it out separate ports to see if that stops the flickering? They will be identical but from what I read they are anyways right? 
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FPP supports a max of 512 universes in current versions and has been real-world tested to well more than the 69 you are using so I would expect it is a config issue in a controller.

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