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16X50 mega tree suggestions

Started by MW18, January 25, 2018, 06:42:29 PM

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First off,,, I'm new! ;)  Been reading and researching here & other forums a lot the last month or two.
Here's where I'm at:
Started with a Pi3 with a Falcon Pi Cap and a few DIY LED express WS2811 strings, a couple power supplies (12V) & Xlights to do some learnin'. Got FPP installed, short sequence in Xlights, & lights workin with Pi Cap. Soooo, I decided to moved on & get some more stuff. Got a USB audio adapter for the Pi, and audio working to an FM transmitter figured out. So I'm commited! Got a F16V3 ready to run controller, got it's IP and stuff configured. I can access FPP on the Pi through wireless, and setup route on my PC to access the F16V3 through the Pi wireless also. Got my test sequence sent to the Pi FPP & the channels & stuff on the F16V3 from Xlights just fine.Tested with audio through FM transmitter, lights on the F16V3 & running "test" show from Pi, & all works great!
Got stuff from Boscoyo, 4 stars, 4 arches, 100 ft of coro strips for roof outline & strips & top to build 16x50 tree, just to get started.
FINALLY here's my question:
16x50 Mega tree, I was gonna run 8 strings of 100 pixels from 8 ports of the F16V3 without power injection just to not add another learning curve with the power injection. (50% brightness as to not overdo it on the 1 PSU)
But now I'm trying to decide:
1. Run the tree from 1 output of the F16V3 & inject power from a 2nd PSU @ pixel 200, 400, 600, & 800.
(Could this give data refresh issues?)
2. Run the tree from 2 outputs of the F16V3 & inject power from a 2nd PSU @ pixel 200, 400, 600 & 800. (middle & end of each output string)
3. I guess I could run the tree & tree star from the Pi Cap outputs & inject power, & other models from the F16V3,,,, to many options!!
Are these options basically the same? Or are there better options?
Controller & PSU's will be at the base of the tree.

Thanks for any input anyone has!!




I would use 2 power supplies on the fv3, you can seperate the power supplies for ports 1-8 on one power supply, and ports 9-16 on your second power supply,

use ports 1-2-3-4 on the fv3, in your port configuration add a virtual string for ports 1-2-3-4 in reverse. so you will have 50 pixel up and 50 pixel down for each port.
do the same for ports 9-10-11-12.I would buy 2 distro boards, one for each power supply, that would power the end of each strings. 100 pixel on one port without power injection you have chance of blowing a fuse.
go to and download the zoom, there are meeting once a week, I think wed or thurs. we can chat and give more info and tips, ot this email will be very long


I concur, although I prefer a more dense tree, and I only use a single 1050 watt PC power supply (with two separate feeds, of course) for the F16.  Both are strictly a matter of personal preference or economy.  It also does not make too much difference electrically whether one powers the strings from both ends, or one inserts power in the middle with the two segments isolated, but thinking about it now, for a single power insertion it would have been simpler and less expensive than what I did.  There is a slightly higher risk of blowing a fuse or two fuses if the segments are electrically connected, though.

What I have done is create a tree with 32 vertical risers, each with 39 pixels spaced 89mm apart.  The risers are physically attached to each other in pairs, forming an inverted "V".  On each riser pair I run a 78 pixel string, from bottom to top and back down.  I use 8 outputs from the F16, providing both power and data to risers 1, 2, 5, 6, 9... 29, and 30.  I wire waterproof connectors to both input and output of all 16 riser pairs.  In between riser pairs, I have installed a power inserter fed by a power supply separate from the F16.  Thus, the F16 only supplies power to the aforementioned 8 strings, but of course supplies data to all 16 riser pairs, with each port servicing 2 strings / 4 risers / 156 pixels.  The external supply feeds power to risers 3, 4, 7, 8... 31, and 32.

In my case, I add three virtual strings for each port, configured with the first 39 pixels oriented in a forward direction, then 39 reversed, then 39 forward, then 39 reversed, because each port serves 4 risers, 2 of which are going from the bottom to the top of the tree and 2 going from the top to the bottom.

F16v3 Controller:

External Power Supply:

Data & Power Feed:

Power Inserter:


What is the plan to control the other props you have?   This might dictate how many strings of the tree you want on how many outputs.   

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Thanks for the info! I'll look into these suggestions closer tonight after work.
As for the other props, was planning on a 2nd PS for ports 9-16 as mentioned above and using those ports for those, without power injection if possible as each of the 6 or 7 strings are layed out to be 90-120 pixels each.
I have 1 distro board & 1- 4 string diff receiver board on the way just in case I need to throw some strings on the distro board with another PS.
On a side note, I work for an electric transmission company, I'm a relay / SCADA technician so I've got a multitude of test equipment. I've done some testing on the strings I have, voltage drop, current draw on 100 pixels on full white, ect ect ect. So in other words I'll definitely calculate & test stuff before I make it final! I'm pretty picky about that stuff!! ;)

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