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Server power supplys

Started by Dodgerblu, January 28, 2018, 06:12:40 PM

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Would a server power supply work for the controllers.
The dps -800 or dps -750rb.
The Rc world has been using these for psu's for there 24v chargers.

They say Redundant power and put out 12.8v


Off hand, likely yes.  Most server power supplies require a few connections to fake it into thinking that it's in a server.  I am gathering that the photo showing you DVM measuring the voltage is connected to a board that either you or someone else built up to provide those connections.  With that, it looks like it works.
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The ability to have redundant supplies in our hobby, without going to the big supplies from Meanwell and others, is a desired thing.  This news is encouraging.

Unfortunately, a lot of power supplies that we have pulled out of computer servers show an over voltage like this one.  Taming them below the 12vdc point seems to be not possible, as part of the supply itself.

With some pixels having a hard time above the 12vdc level, how are folks handling this?
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With the 12.8v would it be possible to run some kind of regulator or a buck converter.



So I ended up getting 4 dps-460 , there going for $8-$20
Specs: input:110-120v, output:12v 460w 38.3amps max.
Not sure on the size but the pics look relative compact compared to some other PS.

They have dps-750's that look the same size that are rated at 12v 750w 62.5amps max. Range from $19-$40.

And then they have 1200watt 100amp psu's,but need 220v, these are pretty pricey since the bit miners use them for the rigs. $80-$140

The 750's seem to be a good bang for buck if your going to have a lot of pixels in one area. At 80% that would be 57.5amps, at 6amps per 100 12vpixels , that's 950 pixels

I'll update with pics and how it turns out.


You can adjust the voltage on these. Once you dismantle the outer cover, there are a few, very small, plastic dials that can be turned to lower the voltage. I followed a YouTube guide on adjusting the voltage and it worked nicely.  (I'm using DPS-750RB power supplies)

This video is for increasing voltage but just turn the screw the other way 😬

Also this breakout board works awesome to get power connections and make the supply work without being in a server.


I've been working on a personal hardware project related to these HP power supplies, including a small ESP8266 WiFi module on a breakout board to allow remote shutdown of the main +12v output and monitor current. Been a fun little project so far.   Still in the prototyping / software phase.

I love having a highly efficient PS smaller than a meanwell at twice the current and half the cost.


I buy and use the HP506822 750w power supplies for 2-3 years
2 easy ways to fake it out;
1. Solder a jumper from left pad 1 to left pad 4. (The way I do it)
2. Solder wire leads and put a switch in between for switch control.
They are getting expensive as the bitcoin miners are stock piling them.. I used to pay $8ea shipped, now $18ea shipped. They are truly a solid power supply and sit at a silent idle.



Smaller than the meanwells and meanwell knockoffs
Size: 9.5x3.5 could shave off an inch if you took off the hook and power cord bracket thing.


I'm curious, the label shows two outputs for 12vdc.
The first - marked 12V - 38.3 Amp, and the second - marked 12VSB - 2.5Amp. 450 W Max.

What is the designation "12VSB"?
Sequencers: Vixen3 and xLights
Players: FPP and xSchedule Controllers:  Renards - SS24/SS16; E1.31 - San Devices E682 - Falcon F16, F4, F48 - J1Sys - DIYLEDExpress E1.31 Bridges.  Much more!


Errors above are made for entertaining readers only

English is not my native language.


I just got the similar power supply but have not install or use it yet..  But you need to use the breakout board or solder directly to the PSU connectors.  Also to get the max 1000watts you need to run using 220 AC volts for input.  This is a lots better than MeanWell power supply since it is HP and for Computer servers that is on 24 hours a day for durability. 8)


A lot better is a bit of a stretch.  I have a few of these 1000W power supplies as well and where they have a lot of bang for the buck, they have their issues as well.  As you said, in order to get that 1000W, you need to run it at 220V which is not all that easy if placing the supply in a remote location.  Many of them need a load on the 5V output to stabilize their regulation and stay on.  Keep in mind that these are also older supplies that are past their prime and no longer have the dependability they once had which is why they are sold so cheap.  The meanwell supplies also have better overload and short circuit protection than the server supplies because unlike PC and Server supplies, they were designed with this possibility in mind. 

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