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Yard borders

Started by Bob in WV, May 03, 2014, 03:08:00 PM

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Just for fun I looked at the weather network and it was like 65 in Colorado Springs today....65!!!!! You don't make snow at 65!!!!!   

If you make snow it's from those snow/fog machines :)

It's 12 degrees here in Toronto right now....and I could really use a few 65 or so degree days.....can't wait for March.

...I do know how cool yard borders look under some snow....a light dusting on top of them is really cool.


Jerry Plak


65 and loving it!  I finally got the last of my decorations down today.
There is still plenty of snow in the shady and northern side of the house.


Recently saw a guy using a leaf blower to blow snow...   That's a new one to me but would consider using one to quickly clear elements when the show is running. 

While I think yard borders in the strict sense are rows of bulbs, you could also consider luminaries to create borders if you are concerned with snow height.  My zwilluminaries(tm) are about a foot tall.  I am a less is more guy so...    That said, you can certainly use more of them to good effect and this is an excellent example:


Quote from: zwiller on January 30, 2015, 07:43:26 AM
That said, you can certainly use more of them to good effect and this is an excellent example:

Thanks Sam,
I don't know about "excellent example" since my wife ran out of time with the sequencing when we added them. We definitely could have done a whole lot more with the sequencing on them.

Zwilluminaries(tm) certainly were easy to use for setup for a yard border. Mine consisted of a 3 led rectangular node module with custom spacing of 12"
and skate board cones mounted with 1 screw to a 1x4.
-------------  Our Display Videos:


Here is my version of the fence railing yard borders.  This year I ran out of time and only got the ones done along the front sidewalk, but for next year I will have them going up the driveway and on both sides of the sidewalk right in front of the house as well.  I have 264 of these 4" tall 'C9' bulbs from an after-Christmas clearance sale in 2013.  They were originally battery operated, but I took out the guts, screwed the bases to the fence railing at 12" intervals, and then drilled down through the C9 base and fence railing so I could stick bullet nodes up through the bottom.    The candy canes are 24" apart and were from the previous year.  They are retrofitted with LED rope light and controlled via a 27-channel controller so I can control each individually.  I'm debating switching these over to pixels at some point but want to see how the light makes it through the canes.  The yard borders up the driveway and along the sidewalk in front of the house will only have the giant 'C9' bulbs, not the candy canes, although I may put some of James' coro arches up on the ones that go along the sidewalk across the front of the house.

I used 1/2" EMT straps to hold the candy canes and also used a 12" long piece of 1/2" EMT as a spike to hold the borders in place on the ground.  This was also attached with 1/2" EMT one-hole straps.

They hang upside down in my garage over the cars as shown in the last picture.

David Pitts

PixelController, LLC


Great job Chris! 
I've debated switching my canes to pixels but haven't seen a good way to do it yet.  The color tinted canes do not seem ideal for RGB application.


Quote from: RichM on February 01, 2015, 12:18:37 AM
Great job Chris! 
I've debated switching my canes to pixels but haven't seen a good way to do it yet.  The color tinted canes do not seem ideal for RGB application.


One thing I have thought of is just using the pixels as either Off or Full-On white not necessarily for any real colors.  The individual pixel ability would let me make lights go up/down the canes for effects, but they'd be mainly red to the viewer's eyes due to the red plastic.  I have enough stuff to do for this year though, so that isn't even on the plan to look at this year, but maybe the idea will help someone else.


Just so nice and clean. Some of you guys are just perfectionists when it comes to build quality. top notch.


I like working with wood and there are some advantages to using it.  All my ground elements are mounted to a PT 2x2 strip (2x4 ripped in half).  Say, for candy canes, instead of buying/screwing in emt connectors you can just drill a hole in the wood (free).  In addition, I don't have to worry about stuff flying away and not overly heavy either.  The PT color is green enough to blend in with the yard too... 

For rgb candy canes heat bend thinwall pvc into a cane shape.  Some things I've picked up about this:
Acetone and 000 steel wool to remove printing
Use paint removal heat gun
Fill with sand (duct tape ends) to preserved pipe diameter through bend but you could luck out not having to do this
Build wooden jig to ensure all are same

I would think a section of 2811 flex strips 3led/pixel might just the ticket for these...

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