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5 volt WS2811 pixels flickering with incorrect colors as well

Started by kryptic, April 14, 2018, 11:31:45 PM

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Hello all sorry I havent got back in touch with a lot of you pros on here to thank you for all the help in the past. that image shows how some pixels are going white and some not even close to white

here is another pic of the other string and its just as bad it looks like its orange and trying to come on white in spots also my 3 strings on the very ends dont hardly light up at all. I have had  lots of problems with adding pixels to my strings and setting it up in xlights as well im a total newb this is my first few months so far learning pixels and im still lost somewhere between xlights and FPP. Not sure how many screwups I have but there has to be some.
I have 800 pixels and trying to run the on PiB3 with The Falcon Pi Cap on top.
Thanks in advance
To all that help me and have helped me

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That looks like what happens with too much voltage drop.  You say 800 nodes, are you injecting power and if so how often?  If you just have 800 connected together without power it will not work.  With 5v lights the safe number is 50 lights connected before voltage drop becomes a problem although depending on many factors you could do a few more.

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Definitely a voltage drop issue. If you're running at 100% intensity then you're going to have a full load current of 44A so you'll need a fair bit of power injection/distribution.


I inject power at ever 50 or so 5v nodes and have no issues. You go more than 50-55 you will have what you are experiencing.
Todd L.
Kimberly, WI

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Also, if you're seeing color change after pixel 170, then you have Universe size problems (510 vs 512).

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Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


I did have lots of setup stuff wrong, but by troubleshooting the problem I found that my 5 volt Ws2811 strings some of which have the power inject wires on the wrong end of the lights the flickering told me that the string wasnt hooked up to the beginning but to the end which makes the pixels flash Erratically with rainbow colors. 

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