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Pixel flickering on SPI port at Raspi 3B+ with 2.1 fpp

Started by $@ndman, October 24, 2018, 02:51:37 AM

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i have some problems with my SPIDEV 0.0 and 0.1 Port on my raspberry.I would like run a simple LED Pixel chain with 150 WS2801 there are conected to (mosi,sclk,ground or in pin: 9,19,23)pin 9 is also grounded to the PU so all have one mass (-)
If i go in bride mode and after than to Testsite and select channel 1-450 because of 50led * 3 colors = 150 * 3 chains of 50pix = 450they light up but after some time they begin to flicker or stuttering extrem.
Example for test, i go to tab fill with the color palette and switching the colors a bit faster sometimes it is so that the chain will not react on my colorchange and hang up.Or if i select the test box sometimes it works sometimes not.
My Network is set up to 50ms and last year with an older version all was fine but i cant remember wich one.
MY other chain with 700 WS2811 work fine without any issues.I have also tested to run only 50 WS2801 on SPI 0.0 but same problem, flickering than i would test SPI DEV 0.1 and take the pin from MOSI to MISO but no reaction maybe 0.1 dosnt work?

Also what this config does? if i activate flickering stops but channel reaction is now chaos :)

PU have 60A


Okay now i think i have the reason on spidev problem, i went back to fpp 1.8 and all fine no flickering or lags.Btw 1.8 via dev. site will stop FPPD, start with sd stick will start FPPD.
Something must be change in the new version that will not work on the SPI Port maybe hz to slow or new method,buffer something like that.

Solution for me....
1. Now i have an Pi3 B+ with FPP 2.2 and WS2811 700px tree on GPIO 18 and some other stuff like relai etc. will at more WS2811 on GPIO 18 and after this GPIO 19  :D 2. A Second Pi3B non+ with FPP 1.8 only for 450 pix SPI-WS2801 on spidev0.0 maybe spidev0.1 will work too than i will add some "old" WS2801  LED that i have to lie around.
BTW i there a way to install 1.8 on Raspi 3B+ ?If i copy the files from the 1.8-zip the "new" pi will not start only get the rainbow screen, if i use 2.1 or 2.2 it will install but when i will go back via dev. site i get FPPD stopping problem maybe system cant find .jsonso if one running 1.8 on pi3b+ please tell me the best way to clean install please.

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