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Ray Wu source for the FirePix

Started by Steve Gase, July 15, 2013, 05:08:24 PM

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LDO  line data out?

EMR  electrical magnetic resounence?  so what causes that out of curiosity?



Quote from: Timon on December 24, 2013, 12:56:52 PM
Quote from: hauvega on December 23, 2013, 05:21:42 PM
I had the c9 covers on mine also. They were hanging cover down on some modded gutter clips.  I still had the problem.  In one of my nodes I took the pcb off I had some rust on one of the led leads.  Since I have been cutting the backs open, cleaning the top of pcb where the connections and letting dry.  I had also brushed on some thinned conformal coating.  I put some clear epoxy back in the hole.  I am plan on trying to inject some coating in some of the nodes that are not acting up to see if I can find a way to salvage what I got left.

If I were hanging them tip down I'd drill a very small hole in the tip to let the water out.

When did you receive your TC from Ray? There was a period of time when some didn't get conformal coated.
Quote from: hauvega on December 23, 2013, 05:31:20 AM
I think that the trapped moisture is not going to escape easily.  Once the electrolysis begins the deposits on the 12v pad to the data in or out pad help with conduction.  This damages the chip on the next or previous pixel. I would like to see the layout of redesigned pcb.  The 12v close to the data lines will cause failure every time moisture is present.  The moisture may also be coming in at the led. 
Your wish is my command. Here is the pleminary new layout.

Got mine from Holiday Coro.  Actually I bought a few strings in early July.  I bought some later also. 

What regulator is going to be used on the new version? 

As for the layout,  a lot of pixels have the data running in the middle.  I have the square 2811s from Todd's store an I have some problems with moisture ingress and poor soldering.  They have the same layout with data line in the middle.


A placement of a couple more vias on the reg ground from the top layer to the bottom layer ground would help with thermal transfer.


Quote from: hauvega on December 26, 2013, 05:52:06 AM
I have the square 2811s from Todd's store an I have some problems with moisture ingress and poor soldering.  They have the same layout with data line in the middle.

The ones with the red and white wire?  I have 100 nodes on a little 8 foot bush with no issues, however it has been pretty dry, only evening frost and a little rain on Monday.  Everything still lit as best as I have noticed.  When I take stuff down in a week will run them in the shop for a day or so to make sure everthing is completely dry before putting it all away.

And I assume you mean a specific string from Holiday, mind putting up the link?  The sales start in a few days and I am collecting what I want to order soon.



Right now there are no links to the Firepix.  I probably will not buy any until the problems are worked out.  I can accept a small failure rate, not what I am experiencing now.  I am doing my best to study the problems and see if I can salvage what I have.  Here is the link to my Photobucket library where I show what the problems are on the pcb.


both those sure are ugly. i onlu used ws2811 12v flex strips this year and 1804 strings. just a few issues with the 2811's, mostly cold solder joint on the resistors. i think 4 failures out of 40 strings
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I had similar failures last year on my Ray Wu square metal-backed pixels. The waterproof coating was too thin on some. My layout was on the roof at a mild angle, so water collected on the surface of the pixels and it rained several time plus morning dew or frost. Since 12vdc is applied all the time, it gave galvanic corrosion plenty of time to work.

I inventoried the damage and Ray replaced them. I put all new "better" square pixels up this year. They do have a heavier layer of resin and I have had no failures. I also have not had as much rain. When possible, I manually pull the power except during show times.

Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


Perhaps an enhancement to the FPP (and I have not played with it at all if this in there) would be support for a couple three of the home automation web commands (just being able to call a script should allow some other linux utility like curl to do it) that could turn off power to the hubs and power them back up a bit before the show starts.

I did not happen to do that this year with my show on LSP, but could have used their built in batch command function to make the call to my ISY994 to turn off the outside lights.  Instead I just make a holidy variable that i set manually in the software interface and it turns off my outside lights a few minutes before the show starts for the night, and then back on when the show ends.  I did not put any modules on the ATX power supply plugs, but that would be a trivial matter to plan for.


David Pitts

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