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Difference between Mega Tree and Pixel Tree and Mini Tree

Started by tomas041857, September 17, 2021, 03:03:46 PM

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I see people talking about Mega Trees and Mini Trees and just pixel trees. So in a layout what is the difference between all of them as far as how they are done or is it just semantic.
Thanks for any and all help.


To me they are all pixel trees. A Mega would be something over 3-4 foot. Mini tree in the 2 foot to 3-4 foot range.
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Quote from: tomas041857 on September 17, 2021, 03:03:46 PMSo in a layout what is the difference between all of them as far as how they are done or is it just semantic.
It is just semantics, they are all built as trees (there is no Mega, Mini or Pixel options in xLights)
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Yep, they're all Pixel trees.  The rest is loose semantics with no real standards.  I've even seen people refer to "Mega-mini tree" which makes no sense   ::)

There is some history (before pixels) where "mega-tree" originally meant a large tree with AC light "Super-Strings".  Super-strings were AC light strings wrapped in groups of 3 or 4 where each group had a red string, a green string, a blue string, and possibly a white string.  This allowed some elementary RGB(w) color mixing and was the genesis for Pixel trees we all know and love today.  The the name "mega tree" carried over to all pixel trees, but its really an incorrect term to use for something that isn't extremely large. 

If its a pixel tree, I call it a pixel tree.  Small, Medium, Large are perfectly fine adjectives that could (should?) be used instead of "mega".  :)


I personally don't consider it a Mega Tree unless it is at least 10 ft tall and closer to 20ft tall.  The most common are 180 degrees 16 strings of 50 lights usually staked to the ground in a curve.  They also can be 360 degrees or other various sizes.  There is no defined standard that I am aware of, and come in all shapes and sizes.  I see vendors selling Pixel trees kits and they are often 12 rows of 50 lights in a straight line.  I would agree that any tree made out of pixels could be called a pixel tree.


And continuing on with pixelpuppy's history lesson.  Mini trees in the pre-pixel days were generally small and usually one or maybe two colors of traditional AC strings.

However times have changed and far more of these trees (regardless of size) are pixel based.
BTW, my pixel tree is a flat tree with 26 strings of 100 pixels per string.  A round tree does not make sense for my yard arrangement.
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