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Historical knowledge needed - Falcon Differential Remotes

Started by algerdes, August 12, 2022, 03:37:36 PM

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In my handy box of tricks are several (read 30+) "receivers".  Each are from

What I am looking for is knowledge of the capacities of each of them compared to the prior versions.

I already know that the original (?) "Red" and the first "White" were pretty much the same thing, just a change of board color.  Each has a single RJ45, 4 - 5amp fuses and 4 euro connectors.  The chips onboard are the same, as far as I can tell.  I believe we came to call them "dumb receivers" somewhere along the way.

Was there any functional updates going from the "Red" to the first "White"?

The second "White" (marked "Smart Receiver Ver 1.00") contains 2 - RJ45s, and has jumpers to set address and set the terminator.  It was this version that started the whole "string them together" craze.

Here again, what abilities in the way of performance were added/subtracted?

The third "White" (marked "Smart Receiver Ver 1.01") contains switches instead of jumpers to set the address.  There is also a "test" button onboard.

Same question: What abilities in the way of performance were added/subtracted?

Of the remotes I have, the fourth "White" (marked Smart Receiver Ver 1.03) is pretty much the same layout as Smart Receiver Ver 1.01.  The primary physical change was the use of the metal covered, red-RJ45s.

I suspect that the abilities were enhanced (to cause a change from 1.01 to 1.03), I just don't remember what they were.

Messages have been sent to DP, both email and voice - but he has not been able to respond.  So ... I ask the body of us (as in you) for any information you can send my way.

FYI - This enquiry is due to the fact that all of the different versions will be in use this year (all 30+) and I want to make sure I don't mix or match when I should not.  Yes - I know the so called "dumb receivers" cannot be used on the same string as the smart.  Just are there any "gotchas" in the making if others are combined?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Sequencers: Vixen3 and xLights
Players: FPP and xSchedule Controllers:  Renards - SS24/SS16; E1.31 - San Devices E682 - Falcon F16, F4, F48 - J1Sys - DIYLEDExpress E1.31 Bridges.  Much more!


As far as I know

red and first white are just a color change.

jumpers to switches is just a convenience change.  Test button has existed on all smart receivers.

v1.01 to v1.03 smart receiver fixed a problem where the termination jumpers didn't work (I dont remember if it was from v1.01 to v1.02 or v1.02 to v1.03).  You'd need the special termination dongles you were sent if a v1.01 is at the end of a chain.

RJ45 jack change was to improve reliability of the connectors.


Thanks.  There is a bag full of the terminators in my workshop just waiting to come out of hibernation.   :o

So, I'll take it from what you have said here, and from the chart given in the Zoom Room, that there actually wasn't any "performance enhancements" to any of the levels - just conveniences.

That will help a lot.

Thank you
Sequencers: Vixen3 and xLights
Players: FPP and xSchedule Controllers:  Renards - SS24/SS16; E1.31 - San Devices E682 - Falcon F16, F4, F48 - J1Sys - DIYLEDExpress E1.31 Bridges.  Much more!

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