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Injecting power from different power supply

Started by, January 13, 2018, 01:09:25 AM

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Hey,  how is everyone isolating the + when injecting power from a separate PS from the controller and using the "T"'s that are available from Ray and Paul (or others)  do you cut off the + lug on the "T" gong back to the controller keeping the signal and - wires or do you make your own "T".  Not sure how to handle this efficiently.  Thanks for any help.



I run bell wire from the controller's data/ground to the prop. Then power Inject as needed. The grounds are all common. It ok for the ground to make it back to the controller. Do not let the positive of your powers supplies make it back to the controller.


As far as isolating the V+ (by cutting or somehow disconnecting) between power injection points.

If it is the same power supply at different injection points, then none of this applies.

But if it is one or two or three totally different supplies, then you should definitely/absolutely connect their V- (dc grounds)

Where I differ with some is that, if you have many pixels (let's say 50+) between injection points, I don't disconnect or cut the V+
The amount of wire length and resistance and voltage drop between the injection points, even when pixels are dark, and certainly when running, will serve to stabilize any voltage swings that we are concerned about.

My roof snowflake array uses 3 350watt supplies. I inject between every other snowflake (48 pixels each). With pixels dark and all connected, I adjusted all 3 to the same 11.5vdc. I used Ray Wu "T" injectors between the snowflakes. I like them because they have 2 wire input (V+ and V-) but 3 wire pass-through so there is no "dangling" data wire going out of the T that can degrade the data signal.
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Make sure when you do this you use the proper sized ground. The ground wire can and will carry as much current on it as the positive does. Don't skimp on the wire gauge when you do this.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I'm still not sure how to actually create a T that allows data and negative to pass through but isolates the positive from going through the T. I may check with Ray and see if he can make an isolated T that doesn't pass the + through the T.


Can't you just take the positive wire out of the Phoenix connector at the controller and put a wire nut on to cap wire?

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