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Set up help

Started by Scouser10231, December 14, 2021, 03:17:39 PM

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Hi Everyone,
I am new to the forum and to the hobby so please excuse the newbie question.
I am planning out my house design and I have bought an F16V4, F16V4 Differential expansion board, and a 4 string smart receiver to get me started.  I plan to use WS2812B strips for the permanent lights in aluminum track.  I have a centralized location for the controller that keeps all the 5 volt runs at a distance of less than 15ft.  I have took measurements of my house and have the following list that groups them nicely and keeps them below 704 pixels per port.  This should need 11 of the physical ports.  I calculated 0.05 amps per pixel and rounded up to a whole number for a total of 184 amps.  I plan to run a dedicated 20 amp circuit and use 3 x 70 amp converters and power inject.  I am running a new cirucit as my house is not the best design and I want room to potentially expand.
Length in ft  Pixel Count  Amps
35  320  16
39  357  18
46  421  22
29  266  14
20  183  10
40  366  19
54  494  25
47  430  22
20  183  10
32  293  15
23  260  13

So at this stage it brings up a question of cable management for the power injection.  My runs are not that long but given my leads are 10-15ft to the beginning of the strip and the amps needed it seems like I would need a fairly hefty pos and neg lines.  I have been toying with the idea of a few fused power distribution blocks at strategic places.
Question 1 - What gauge wire have you been able to fit in a standard 12mm aluminum track?  What gauge are you all using for power injection that runs along the same path as the strip?  Has anyone used the 17mm aluminum track and hot glued wire in there etc?  Does the strip unstick over time if its smaller than the track?

Question 2 - Are there any considerations for running the data next to power lines to not cause noise?

Question 3 - How are you all moving this many amps around?  If I run 18awg from the physical ports it seems like I still need a lot more wire.  Running the port max at 1023 in a single run at 30 pixels per ft is a 112ft run.  Getting 51 amps to that even at say 10ft calculates out to a crazy wire gauge.

Next I was looking at setting up a mega tree and 4 mini trees.  These would be 40 ft away from the controller and 12v.  So I was going to use the expansion board and ethernet cable for this but I am confused on how to wire this.  The mini trees will be 84 pixels each and in a row so while not efficient I was thinking one 4 port smart receiver and wire each into a physical port.  For the mega trees I need 270 degrees, thinking 10ft, maybe 5ft base.  And attaching this to a second smart receiver.  If I limit each port to 704 pixels so I can run at 40 frames/Hz this gives me room for 2816 pixels.  2 inch spacing seems right vertically which adds to 124 pixels per strip, no idea how many strips but 18 gives me 7.8 inch separation at the bottom on center and 2232 pixels total.  So I could put 558 pixels on each port.

Question 4 - I seriously can not understand how the above works with the boards do I run 1 ethernet cable from the main controller to a smart receiver and daisy chain the second smart receiver to the first?  Or do I need to run 2 ethernet cables from the main controller over?  I need 8 physical ports 40 ft away from the main controller and I want to leave room on the main controller in case I want to add more connections.

Question 5 - Is the design on the mega tree about right?  I would prefer it to be a little skinny, its on a corner and why 270 seems right, and the audience will be about 20ft away.

I am sorry for such a long email and I am not sure how to attach a pic that would have made this a little easier to understand.  I have tried to do my homework with a ton of videos and reading but some of this stuff I just can not find answers to.

Thank you,
P.S. My neighborhood has no idea of whats going to hit them next year.  But I have a good idea of whats going to hit me when she figures out what I am doing...

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