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Adding OLED and menu buttons to homebrew cape

Started by fauxton, January 17, 2022, 10:11:05 AM

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Hello, I was wondering where I can find documentation about which set of I2C pins on the BBB I need to connect the status OLED to and then what GPIO pins the menu navigation buttons are connected to and whether they are active high or active low.

Thanks in advance.
I am building pixel interface capes for BBB -


Would be the i2c2 pins.    For the menu, it can be any pins you want.  They would either be configured via an eeprom or on the gpio inputs page in FPP.
Daniel Kulp -


Thank you Mr. Kulp

Where do I learn about the eeprom?  I've used I2C eeproms on my own projects, is there any documentation about how the settings are stored in it or do I need to refer directly to the FPP source?  I haven't done any C++ programming so I am slow to find things when I try to explore it on my own.
I am building pixel interface capes for BBB -


Thank you, 

I received some of the i2c OLED modules today and simply wiring them to the BBB with FPP running on it achieves no result.
edit, I found the setting to enable the OLED and it works as expected now!  Should have looked harder before posting

I hope I'm not being a pain here.  I'm not a "software guy" in the sense of the level that the FPP project is on.  I am more a "hardware guy" and I'm just trying to design a cape that is more suited to the way I need to do my pixel wiring.  i.e. no pcb based power distribution, but heavier data connections, specific form factor etc.

I did just see the thread from user AAH with more information about the eeprom.  That info should help me with that part.
I am building pixel interface capes for BBB -


Can you guys point me to where I can find the definitions for the menu buttons for a popular existing cape?  Like the equivalent of the strings JSON I assume is used to configure the gpio pins for the menu navigation functions automatically from the eeprom.  I'm hoping to stick to the pins that "most people" use to avoid complications later rather than just picking anything.
I am building pixel interface capes for BBB -

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