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Title: Raspberry Pi Zero stops responding
Post by: donniewhunt on November 29, 2021, 09:13:48 PM
Using Raspberry PI Zero W, I have 5 songs that last about 11-12 minutes, then repeat.  After 15-16 minutes of total runtime the songs quit playing over FM Transmitter but sequences keep working.
Reboot of Pi starts working again, but 15-16 minutes quits again. Very consistent at 15 -16 minutes, no matter the song order I use. I have re-render all sequences and kept file names to one word only (to eliminate any special characters or spaces). Any thoughts?

Update -  Pi even ends sequences after another 2 minutes or so.  So Pi just stops responding after 18-20 mintues total.  Is there some setting in Raspberry Pi I need to update?
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