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lor in DMX

Started by kennylights, January 01, 2016, 08:17:37 PM

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I'm kinda confused about where in the DMX universe LOR controllers will end up once converted. A quick snapshot of my setup is as follows. 12 LOR 16 channel boards, a sACN 1.31 to DMX Bridge, 3 E682's and three 6804. I am moving everything to a raspberry pi (or two). My question is; Everyone says that the LOR works better in DMX, plus the thought of running less cat5 out of the house sounds appealing, "Where in the DMX universe world do the LOR controllers actually end up?" currently I have one full universe going from the sACN bridge and running all the dumb RGB, that is universe 1. would the LOR boxes be on universe 1 as well? and if not, what universe would they be on? I am looking to see if I have to "bump" everything up a universe or is everything OK as it is? While i'm on the subject of converting to FPP, does anyone know if the VAST Hi Fi V-FMT212R is compatible with the raspberry PI? I use it and it has been very good to me. I may be one of a handful that use the RDS capabilities at all, but it works and I would like to keep using it. Thanks.


The LOR will listen to your DMX communication. You set up each as a LOR channel/box number as you have. If you have 12 boxes and they are LOR box #1 - #12, then they are listening to  channel 1 - 192 of the DMX signal that would be going into them.

I have them connected to my DMX #1 universe output and it works great. I only have 5 LOR boxes. Will likely get a few more in the next year for additional AC light control ideas for 2016. My LOR is connected to my Falcon V2 board on output #4 in DMX mode.

You should be able to configure your E1.31 to output whichever start channel and then your LOR boxes would listen and pay attention to those channels. So whichever universe you have your DMX output bridge set to to. your LOR would respond accordingly 16 channels at a time.

Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


So, if my understanding is correct, you can assign lor to any dmx universe? Or do the LOR boxes automatically get assigned to Universe one? Or better yet, what is the universe limit for LOR? I get the DMX stuff, I have one whole universe assigned to dumb DMX stuff which is Universe one. My pixels go up from there; Pixel arches, 2D pixel tree, 360 Pixel tree and soon to be matrices over the windows, so my universe will most likely be upwards of 25 plus universes. So to add the LOR to the end of the universes is feasible? say universe 50 or so to cushion things a bit? I don't plan on importing too much stuff, but that will be a bridge to cross when I need that.


You can have the LOR in any universe that you want it to be. the E1.31 to DMX bridge will output a universe channel count from 1-512.

the LOR Boxes (example: LOR #1) will listen to channel 1 - 16 on whichever universe you send out.  LOR #2 will listen on 17-x . so on and so forth.

So just pick a universe and the LORs will listen to their respective channel numbers within that universe.

If you select universe 3, and the first channel of universe 3 is 1025.. then LOR Box 1, output 1 is channel 1025. output 2 is 1026... etc. etc

Make Sense?

Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


that is what I was hoping. Although, with what I want to add next year, a full rearrangement might not hurt,but will I have to rearrange everything when I convert LOR sequences? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember somewhere it being said that the LOR stuff will be brought over first no matter where it lined up channel wise. Is it possible to just bring over certain parts like just the LOR stuff? would I just take the sequence and turn off all the RGB stuff? I will try once I shut down for the year being as everything is frozen like its on Hoth and there are no Tauntauns to keep warm.


You can always re-assign channel numbers to the models once they are in the system.

I'll have to re-arrange channel numbers for some items next year. As we will be expanding some elements and incorporating more PixelNet into our display control communication.

You can also run SLAVE Pi or BBB that are sync'ed with the master and they have a copy of the playlist, so your LOR stuff could be controlled off one PI, and DMX stuff off another. it is very flexible!
Denver Colorado
45,000 blinky blinks mix of pixels and 130 AC Channels (powered by Minleon & Lynx) ALL Powered by FPP and Falcon!


Those Videos are great! especially the second one. That is what I just did to a sample one and it worked flawlessly for importing. I have a bunch of singing face songs that would be able to be redone with little effort in xlights, but as long as the main work has been done, why not make it easier on myself. We live on a corner lot and the only other challenge I had was to "meld" three separate pictures of the three sides of my house to lay out flat so I can do "everything" fades from one corner of my house to the other. It's a good thing I am pretty good at photoshop. Thanks guys. My Raspberry Pi's should be at my office come tomorrow. I can finally semi retire my 10 year old computer and get rid of LOR.

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