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Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Virtual Display not workin...
Last post by Poporacer - May 28, 2024, 08:24:54 PM
Quote from: schreyack on May 28, 2024, 03:58:41 PMHave things changed since then in regards to set up?
No, but FPP 8.x is still in Beta and there are some things that might not work, but it is people like you that find the bugs since it is almost impossible to test every little aspect of FPP. I filled out a bug report and it will be looked at.

Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Help for my LED Pit board ...
Last post by Octonath - May 28, 2024, 04:33:05 PM
Thank you, just had a try with the Overlay Model and it's a good way to solve the "how to place the text" problem. Could you elaborate a bit about the Fancy way because in my mind I had that idea because it won't be necessarily me that use it, does matrix tools provide some REST API documentation by any chance ? And about the panels I don't have them yet but I was planning on using 10 P5 panels for an area of 64 cm x 80 cm but maybe P10 could do the trick for how far the driver is seeing the pit board.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Virtual Display not working?
Last post by schreyack - May 28, 2024, 03:58:41 PM
I'm running the latest FPP (8.x-master-287-g03fbc510) and cannot get the HTTP Virtual Display to work.  I've followed the instructions as shown the youtube video, but that was using FPP 6.x.  Have things changed since then in regards to set up?  It seems like no, but no matter what options I try, I just get a blank screen in the virtual display.  Any pointers are appreciated!
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Help for my LED Pit board ...
Last post by CaptainMurdoch - May 28, 2024, 03:19:07 PM
The simplest method would be to use the Matrixtools plugin to display text on an Overlay Model.  If you want to make it more fancy, you could make a simple plugin or web page which had a form which would POST the necessary REST API call to display the text supplied in the form.

Are you planning on making a WS281x-based pixel matrix or just use something like P10 panels?  If you already have a display, you can install the plugin and play around with it.  If you don't, then you can plug a Pi into a monitor and create a model for the monitor and test using that.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Help for my LED Pit board proj...
Last post by Octonath - May 28, 2024, 10:49:47 AM
Hey, I'm new to this scene and I would like some help, I'm in a small team who just did and finished the 24H of le Mans (Bike) and I was tasked to make a proof of concept of an LED Pit board. I need a way to send text to FPP to display the lap time and laps remaining. For now, I'm thinking of a script on FPP with arguments that I execute via the REST API but I can't seem to find a way to do it, could you help me ?
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: HELP Did something dumb - ...
Last post by The Engineer - May 27, 2024, 06:39:38 PM
Nevermind, solved by re-imaging FPP. It was the easiest solution offered on the FPP group page on FB. Thanks all.
Falcon Player (FPP) / HELP Did something dumb - turn...
Last post by The Engineer - May 27, 2024, 05:39:31 PM
Help a dummy please... I accidentally turned on Tethering on wlan0 and now I cannot access FPP. How can I disable it seeing as that I cannot get to anything on the Pi?

Side note, I am able to connect the hardwired port to my router and ping that address (after changing my home PC to a similar IP range), but it won't take me to the FPP settings pages. All I get is a timeout.

Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: First Time User - Can't op...
Last post by k6ccc - May 27, 2024, 09:51:34 AM
One standard advise.  Do not connect a monitor, keyboard, or mouse to the RasPi.  Truing to operate locally will only create confusion.  There is litterally no useful information there and lots of things to confuse you.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: First Time User - Can't op...
Last post by Poporacer - May 27, 2024, 06:55:23 AM
Like it was mentioned, it sounds like:
1. You have a monitor and keyboard connected to your Pi. That is not how you use FPP. You access it from your computer.
2. You do not have your Pi connected to a valid network.

Like was mentioned you can access your Pi using the wireless network it is broadcasting or connect it to your home network, NOT directly to your computer.

There is an FPP Manual that has a quick start section
And this video might help, it is based on an older version but is still accurate.

Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: First Time User - Can't op...
Last post by tbone321 - May 26, 2024, 06:46:52 PM
That address is the address that is assigned when FPP is in WIFI tethering mode.  You will not be able to use that address unless you also log into the wireless network that FPP has created.  The network name is FPP and the password is Christmas.  You could also plug the PI into an Ethernet port on your network and reboot it Then it will get an IP address on your actual network.  Form there, you can set up the WIFI on your PI to connect to your actual network.
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