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Enable Routing

Started by Nelly79, June 02, 2022, 12:08:48 PM

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Quote from: 350 John on November 25, 2022, 08:13:18 PMI can connect to the F16V3 config settings using the "Proxy Settings" on the FPP so I know it is talking
If you can get to the F16 via the proxy, then you know that your "networking" part is working.

Quote from: 350 John on November 25, 2022, 08:13:18 PMbut that is all it will do
But the F16 older firmware does not support Proxied access. You are probably running an older firmware.

and to get around the old firmware issue you could add some sort of Routing like @JonD mentioned.
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I think I had the same problem as others in this thread, so let me share what fixed my setup.

FPP v6.1.1 on rpi3B+
wifi connection to home network
ethernet connection to show network 192.168.0.x
I believe I used "Enable Routing" last year. It was presumably broken by update. I wiped SD Card (for various reasons) and got back to (barely) working state to run halloween lights. 

Symptoms with IP Forward enabled for ethernet:
Can't install plugins (no internet connection)
Time/Date wrong on every reboot (no internet connection)
Scheduler doesn't kick on the lights because Time/Date is wrong
on console, ping resolves the ip address for but "Destination host unreachable"
I can access 192.168.0.x show network IPs from my PC (note that I have a static route for this configured in my home router, and at one point this was broken because my router issued a new DHCP IP address to FPP invalidating the route. check to see if you forgot about any static routes like I did. if you have this problem, see if you can give your FPP a static DHCP lease.)

Symptoms with IP Forward enabled/disabled for wifi:
no change that i noticed

Symptoms with IP Forward disabled for ethernet:
FPP's internet connection is restored. On console, I can ping
Can't access show network IPs from my PC

I deleted the gateway from my ethernet settings per this post:

Support FPP

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