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TM1804 Chip string not lighting up

Started by aERonAUtical96, October 23, 2022, 04:01:56 PM

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So I'm trying to transition off of some of the old DIYLA equipment.  I have a set of pixels that have a TM1804 chip in them.  My old smart string controller (falcon firmware) controlled them.  I tried to hook up to F16v2R, set the port the TM18xx, tried test mode but can't get them to light up.

This is the old string.

Any ideas/suggestions?


I am still using mine on a F48 and they are working just fine.  Make sure that you have them hooked up correctly and that the controller is supplying them with 12V.  


@tbone321 Thanks.  That was it.  Apparently I decided to use a different wiring configuration on the connectors some 7+ years ago.  Didn't even think to check that.


I'm still using Tm1804s with Falcon controllers.  And I vowed that this year I would finally convert all of them from the old DLA wiring scheme to the current EU wiring that all the vendors use.  Still got a bunch of props to do before Christmas.  I got all my gutter lights done and put up for Halloween then converted my verticals that connect to the ends of some of the gutter lights and realized I had not converted the ends.  And the gutter lights are all up and working.  Guess who will have to take them down after Haalloween and fix them before Christmas.  sigh.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


@jnealand I went back to the DIYLA wiki and then realized what the problem was based on tbones suggestion.  I only converted 1 string for Halloween.  My strips in my tombstones are too much of a pain, so I pulled out the old smart hub and am using that and will continue to use that I guess.  I haven't decided on Christmas props yet.  Luckily it is only 5 strings and 1 strip of of the hub which I could run off of my existing falcon16.  My megatree is powered by a zeus that I don't have a replacement for yet.  Guess that will be next years project.  While my Zeus still works, starting to get flaky.  Once in a while I need to go unplug/plug a string back in to get it to "unlock".  Still not bad for 10 year old DIY soldered equipment.

Anyone know what happened to RJ?

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