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F16v1 Manuals And Software Request

Started by tcom_jim, January 25, 2020, 08:15:20 AM

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I get "404" errors when I select the following two links in the download section.  Could someone provide the files?

Falcon-16 Controller Doc.docx
Falcon Controller Software




This forum does not allow uploads of docx so I saved it to a doc file.  Should be ok.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


Thank you!

Do you happen to also have the PIC programming file Falcon16 v1.0.2.hex?

I get a 404 error on that as well.



Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


Us old timers have everything.  But sometimes we have to hunt for it.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


Thanks to both of you! 

As I mentioned on another post, I lost all of my data when first my backup drive and then my main drive failed within two weeks of each other.  I used (and still use) automated full drive backups, but I wasn't ready for a double failure.  Fortunately, I had already migrated all of our photos and videos to a new laptop just before the failures.

I now have a 5 bay NAS (3+1 with a hot backup), so I can now deal with a local hard drive failure and two hard drives in the NAS.  It may still happen, but it is less likely.

Thanks again,


Support FPP

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