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F16V4 Hangs on Falcon Christmas Logo

Started by eLa, October 20, 2022, 07:31:39 PM

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EDIT: Reposted to correct F16V4 forum

I have an F16V4 v1.01 used all last Christmas season, and functional for nearly two weeks this year, driving an 8 input mega tree and chain of differential receivers.
After resetting a tripped GFCI receptacle (presumably due to irrigation sprinklers soaking an extension cord) that powers the two 12V power supplies and the controller and associated pixels, the controller was reported as OFFLINE on the wired network, and the onboard OLED display was "hung" at the Falcon Christmas logo.
No onboard button operation would change the logo display.
All leds and 12 vdc power appeared to be normal.
However, no network connector leds were illuminated.
ESP shows red led and flashing blue led.
Powered off and on numerous times – same hung logo condition resulted
Updated firmware – appeared to complete normally as expected – then again "hung" on Falcon Christmas logo
Xlights Zoom Room conversations suggested factory reboot – numerous attempts with the three different configurations of buttons attempted – onboard display then "hung" at "resetting 16 (32)(42) ports ."
Powering off, then on – display again hangs at Falcon Christmas logo

Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Or does my controller have a major failure?


I would reach out to Falcon Controller support.  Based on how it stopped working, and that you have already updated the firmware, sounds like hardware issue to me.  Sometimes David can still fix it though, so think it would be worth reaching out to him.


DO you happen to have an sd card plugged into the board or any USB devices. Try unplugging them. Also make sure you are getting the right voltage to the board.

Using K8-B, Rpi 3b w/PiHat, Rpi 3b+ w/ PiHat, K4-PB

Support FPP

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