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F16 V3 operational temp range question

Started by tirebytrlights, November 24, 2022, 10:45:56 PM

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I have a question on acceptable thermal levels for a F16V3 board. I live in SW Florida, so temps never moderate very much; I have 75 degree nights frequently in December, so I am concerned about temperatures of any outdoor electronics, especially enclosed ones.

I just moved the controller into a Bud NBF32026 box from a 1500 case, I have in and out Bud vents and a 40 CFM fan sucking air inward. The old 1500 had a 25 CFM fan blowing directly onto the controller and with that I would normally see temps reported in the high 80 degree range while operational. While verifying the final build of the new case, after idling 90 minutes or so, the temp got to near 100 degrees as reported by the controller web interface. I am assuming there is stagnent air around the board, so I have some small form-factor fans on order to stir things up directly over the controller. Also, not sure if i should add some heat sinks along with the fans.

My question is what is the normal operational range for the F16V3? The two sensors report values that are within a couple of degrees so probalbly close to accurate. I don't have a thermal camera to verify actual processor chip serface levels. What should I expect at operation times? What is the highest temp I can operate at without worry?


There are no official temperature specifications that I am aware of for the F16v3.  I have CG1500 boxes and mine usually run around 40f-50f degrees higher than the outside temperature.  In general, you want to keep most boards under 50*C/122*F for maximum life.  Anything over 60*C/140*F is cause for concern, but could be fine provided the board was designed for that much heat.


Thanks. This gives me some hope I can keep my controller from self destructing in the heat. Fans I ordered should be here Tuesday and I'm a bit late in deploying everything so it should come together at about the same time.

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