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F16V3 with smart recievers

Started by Sjcoan, November 08, 2023, 05:54:03 AM

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I have one expansion board with all 4 ports being used and I would like to add another receiver. I've looked through the manual and have done some searching on the forum but I'm still a bit confused so I figured I would just ask. Can you daisy chain smart receivers with the F16V3?

I could add another expansion board but it won't make it here in time so I'm looking for a way to make it work.


You can if you are at the latest 2.59 firmware.  You can only chain a total of three smart receivers on the v3 series controllers.

K-State Fan

You could also add another chain to the receiver port on the board.

With one expansion board you cold have a total of 5 chains containing 3 smart receivers.  The receivers have to be in V1 mode.


Thank you for the replies, I will give it a go tonight. Does the first receiver have to be set to "A" and the second to "B" along with setting the terminating dip switches like it outlines in the manual for the F16V4? Or are they both set to "0" ?


Sounds right.  There should be a diagram printed on the back of the smart receiver.  First two receivers set to termination off.  Last receiver termination set to on.  Termination absorbs the remaining energy in the data line to prevent it from reflecting and going backwards.  Any receiver after a termination point will not receive data and not work.


I have the daisy changed receivers on port 4 of the differential board. First receiver's dial set to A and the terminating dip switches of and on the second receiver's dial is set to B with the terminating dip switches on. Should the board automatically recognize the I have a 29a, 30a, 31a, 32a and a 29b, 30b,31b, 32b?


How are you configuring?  If configuring manually on the Falcon, you need to hit the plus button next to the port until you see the ports show up with A and B options.  If using xlights visualizer, you need to right mouse click the on the port/prop and configure the smart remote option.


I'm configuring through the boards GUI. I did find that I had to hit the + button to make it a smart receiver. Now my issue is that the B receiver works in test mode from the main controller, but nothing on A.

Thank you for your help.


Don't trust controller test modes completely.  They are a handy tool, but not 100% reliable. 

Maybe take a picture of the receivers zoomed in on the dial and termination settings, and a print screen of the F16v3 pixel settings.


I will double check settings this evening and try to post pictures if I cant figure it out. I did run a sequence from vixen and everything responds as it should except for the "A" receiver.

K-State Fan

There are lots of versions of the smart receivers out there.  Does yours have a silk screen on the back with setting info?

I use 1-3 for A-C on my setup for V1 protocol on my F16V3.

This is what is printed on the back of my Falcon Blue V2 receivers
ID Setting
0Non-Smart Mode (Pass-Thru)
1-3A-C for Falcon F16V3, F48, PI and BBB Controllers
(Version 1 Protocol)
4-9A-F for PI and BBB Controllers
(Version 2 Protocol)
A-FA-F for Falcon V4 Controllers


Daryl and Ron had a list of settings at one point.  Not sure if they have a more updated version?

You cannot view this attachment.


The receiver boards are version 4, here is the link to the store:

From the pdf it looks like I should be setting the dial to a number and not a letter, or am I mistaken?

Sorry if all of this is "elementary" I did my best to look through the documentation but the manual for F16V3 is from 2017 and it looks like it hasn't been updated for the use of smart receivers. 


I don't have any v4 SRs.  I don't think it will hurt anything to try 1-3 and see what happens, but someone will probably confirm the correct settings at some point.

This feature was not available on the v3 series until firmware 2.55? and not much documentation on it.

K-State Fan

I do not have any of the V4s either V5s but have not tried them.  I would try 1,2,3.

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